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Say hello to lucky number 2017

Monday 02 January 2017
Words Spindle

As I climbed the stairs of the Union Square Subway Station on the 31st, I was presented with a gift. A pair of those paper New Years Eve glasses, however, these kitschy specs didn’t say ‘Happy New Year’ as they usually do. They largely displayed “Fuck 2016” and all I could do was laugh. In some capacity or another the vast majority has the New Year on their mind. 2017 is here and it’s all the rage. Regardless of the events of the year passing this is a time of reflection and hope; however, this time around people are slightly blown away. With insurmountable celebrity deaths in 2016 and some of the most controversial politics in years, humanity is frazzled! Besides the world issues, as human beings we have our own personal issues to deal with. Relationships, finances, mistakes, and life goals are on our minds. With everything that’s ensued in 2016, I believe people are digging deep and looking inside themselves. Many of us are asking what can I do to live my vision and be happy? Heavy stuff has happened but the world keeps on turning. Whether it’s personal growth or embracing the current culture, 2017 has the potential to be the best.

When I was a little girl I remember riding in the car with my family and “Ring My Bell” started playing on the radio… that was a very defining moment in my life and probably why I would later become a DJ with a soft spot for disco. With David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey and George Michael (to name a few) all departing this earth, it certainly seems like the end of an era but music is far from over. You can feel the energy brewing in New York City. These challenging times are the birth of the some of the most brilliant songs. Musician and guitarist Richey Rose says: “We need The Pistols/Clash V2.0 more than ever right now. There is room in the musical universe for that to happen”! I also spoke with Musician, Model, and DJ Alix Brown who said “I think there will be more expressive music and art in the next year. Lyrics will hopefully have more meaning other than singing about how much money you have”. Drummer Parker Kindred says: “I expect people to sing loudly and not be scared. I expect people to make people dance and feel a sense of hope”. One of my past resolutions was to become an aficionado in disco records, it was very fun and quite rewarding. Music is a powerful force that changes moods and changes lives. I believe we can look forward to the exciting music of 2017, there is too much passion for it to not be explosive!

The late George Michael, during Wham!'s iconic Club Tropicana music video.

The late George Michael, during Wham!’s iconic Club Tropicana music video.

Getting healthy and getting fit in the New Year may be one of the most cliche resolutions of all time but who cares! With all of the information we have at our fingertips getting savvy in the kitchen is the easiest it’s ever been. One click on instagram and there are endless recipes hash tagged #cleaneats to name one. For those on the go, there are an abundance of restaurants that make eating healthy and cutting calories a breeze. One of my favourites – Grass Roots – a juicery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has everything from cold pressed juices to vegan wraps. If getting physical is what the doctor ordered there are so many different approaches regardless of where you are at. Committing to three workouts a week is a simple and achievable goal and pretty much anything that requires movement can be considered exercise. The benefits of exercise are priceless! Hitting the gym, taking a walk, yoga, or even spin class will get you out in the world and connected with others. I spoke with Tracy Anderson method trainer, Anne Claire Nelson, who said “Drink more water and stretch!! A flexible spine means you’ll be walking taller for longer. Stretch, stretch, stretch”. Stepping up your health game is an admirable aspiration and it builds character. I recently read in Marie Claire that making one simple change can change everything and I could not agree more. Looking good and feeling good are connected and when you take care of yourself you are more open to life’s challenges and more accepting of life’s gifts.

Last but not least, we have the glory that is fashion to look forward to in 2017. Fashion is personal expression in one of its highest forms, not only for the designer but also for the consumer. Even if you aren’t into fashion… that’s a “look”. One of my fashion heroes and owner of The Plastic Age Shop – Georgeana Crespo – says “I already like what’s going with fashion that it’s becoming more and more less about gender and more about expression. I love that! It’s like David Bowie in a dress is finally becoming a reality in the streets of Bushwick lol!” People are really looking to own who they are and what they stand for in society right now and it’s often done through personal appearance. When we get dressed we can be whatever or whomever we want to be, it’s our costume for the day and basically anything goes. I’m dying over the Gucci Garden Collection, the bright colours and bold patterns are gorgeous, it’s like the 70’s on fire. With New York Fashion Week approaching we are soon to see some of the most sought after runway shows. The energy surrounding the art and community that puts it all together is a beautiful thing. For those of us not in New York anything is accessible and I’m not only speaking of online. Some of the most stylish people on the planet are selling clothing via Instagram including Greta Prell (@of.an.era). Her selection of vintage and current trends mixed with counter culture flashbacks is the perfect collage of style. Embracing the moment in expressive looks of your liking is the new frontier in fashion and it’s going to be exciting.

Fashion we can be grateful for; Gucci's Garden Collection.

Fashion we can be grateful for; Gucci’s Garden Collection, designed by Alessandro Michele.

I experienced heartache and loss myself but I also experienced success and strength. Every ending has a beginning. When all of the leaves fall from a tree, it’s barren for a while and then it blooms and everything is beautiful again. I feel strongly that everything happens for a reason. Things are shifting in the universe and as this new year approaches we can look forward to enjoying beautiful music, fashion and art. We can also create our own and nurture ourselves through health and fitness. We can set goals and achieve them. Nina Simone said it best many moons ago… “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, Ouh, And I’m feeling good.”