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Museums are collecting protest signs from the Women’s Marches

Tuesday 24 January 2017
Words Spindle

Over the weekend, Women’s Marches took place all over the world to protest the inauguration of new US President, Donald Trump. Each march saw hundreds of utterly inspired protest signs, from witty wordplay to more serious messages about issues like women’s reproductive rights. In Washington DC, half a million people congregated outside the White House to ‘welcome’ the new president, and after, their signs were laid across the lawn and in front of government buildings. Across the world, signs were left outside Trump-owned buildings, government buildings, and other public areas.

Museums, libraries, and publications from all over have been collecting these important pieces of protest art in their areas, and not just from the latest marches, with some having been collecting them for months. Not only is it important to preserve these signs as both art and history, but also to prevent Trump and his supporters being able to downplay the many protests and brush them off as fleeting. By being preserved, the spirit of protest is always kept alive. There’s no news yet as to whether the collected signs will be featured in future exhibitions, but we certainly hope so.