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Music Video Monday: Tei Shi – Keep Running

Monday 30 January 2017
Words Spindle

Indie pop artist Tei Shi has unveiled a gorgeously sultry, visually stunning, and creatively clever music video for her new track ‘Keep Running.’ The video opens with the artist picking up a microphone and singing along to words that appear on a television screen. She moves from room to room of a house party, singing into the mic as the lyrics appear as karaoke style captions. This sublime and playful creative choice gives the video a highly quirky feel, which is added to with images of tarantulas and the brightly coloured lights that fill each room and further build the sumptuous atmosphere. Tei Shi moves hypnotically and powerfully throughout the video, showcasing her magnetic performance style.

Agostina Gálvez directed the gorgeous video and said of her collaboration with Tei Shi, “She wanted to do a karaoke scene and that was the starting point to develop the rest of the story in the video. What I like the most about it is how ordinary elements become strange, generating a special atmosphere throughout the song,” she explained, adding, “Shooting her was great, her slow moves and graceful gestures made her whole performance hypnotic.”

Tei Shi’s deconstructed pop – which borrows from indie, electronic, and R&B influences – is assertive yet vulnerable, sharing with listeners her innermost emotions. Her voice is powerful yet ethereal, perfect for both electro bangers and sensual ballads. After two EPs, 2013’s ‘Saudade’ and 2015’s ‘Verde,’ Tei Shi is preparing to release her debut album ‘Crawl Space,’ of which ‘Keep Running’ is the first single. The track is another stunning slice of electro-fuelled pop from the artist, who describes it as, “A kind of call to arms to someone you love, to take on and confront all of life’s obstacles together. To fight to stay together through thick and thin. A ride or die kind of love.”

Watch the video below: