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Introducing: After Romeo

Monday 23 January 2017

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After Romeo are a household name without the homeowners even realising it.

The 4-piece group; Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy, Blake English and TC Carter formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, and their EP and single ‘Good Things‘ has been the soundtrack to the recent Samsung Galaxy advert. The guys have their sights set firmly on owning 2017 with their debut EP perfectly presenting their unique sound, encapsulating a blend of R&B and pop, moving them above and beyond existing groups. Comparisons to One Direction and 5SOS are rife, but we sat down with the guys to dig a little deeper and find out what truly sets them apart from their peers.

For anyone who isn’t already aware of After Romeo, can you try and describe yourselves in 5 words?

Your friendly neighborhood pop group.

How were After Romeo born? How did you guys all meet and form the group?

Jayk: TC and Blake grew up in Georgia and met in musical theater. Drew and myself got into music living in Las Vegas and then moved to LA to pursue a career. That’s where they met TC playing basketball. A few weeks later, TC introduced Blake, who had recently relocated to LA. The next thing you know, we were on a website called band name generator picking out a group name. After Romeo was born.

You’re already established in the US, are you looking forward to coming to the UK and meeting all of your fans?

TC: We can’t wait to get to the UK. Hopefully we’ll be there before summer!

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You have a great look – how important do you think fashion, image and style is to the longevity of a band?

In 2017, fans don’t hear music, they experience music. So before adding us to their Spotify playlist, they check out our YouTube page, Google our website and search our IG. It’s very important to have all bases covered but if the music isn’t on point, nothing else matters.

Tell us more about the new EP – what was the inspiration behind it?

We did not want to make stereotypical “boy band” songs.  The song writing process was different for us as we got to collaborate with producers and co-writers who were outside of the ‘straight pop world’. We wanted some extra soul and depth in the lyrics and pushed ourselves to take chances we weren’t ready to do in earlier releases. The fact that we have songs like “Oprah” and “Convenience” mixed in with the others is a testament to our team wanting to push the envelope with us.

If you could have written any other track by another artist, which one would it be?

Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” Simple production – great melodies and that line “My momma don’t like you and she loves everyone.

What are your current favourite records to listen too whilst you’re on the road?

Jayk: Blake seems to only listen to Bowie since he passed last year. He had a big impact on Blake. TC listens to Chris Brown and gets hyped over every Drake song. Drew is a pop lover and lately keeps playing the Weeknd “I Feel It Comin.” I’m loving Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino’s new record.

How did you manage to get one of your tracks to soundtrack a global ad campaign with Samsung?

They found us on Spotify and literally called our manager. Wish there was a sexier story.

You have a new track with Silento – is there anyone else that you’d love to collaborate with?

Absolutely. Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Bruno Mars, DJ Snake, Sia…..

Are there any in-house bust-ups over the direction and sound of the music?

That’s a classic way to say it. Yeah, we have bust ups. We almost had busted lips over certain songs because we all have input and strong opinions. Luckily, no blood has been shed, Yet. We have different tastes but we know what our individual strengths and weaknesses are. Without limiting the creativity, we head into the studio in agreement what we want to achieve and more times that not, we’re collectively satisfied with the result.

Which is your favourite social media platform and why?

Jayk: Drew is a snapchat addict. He puts his whole life out there and is quite bizarre so fans can take a ride with him on his crazy train. TC likes Instagram because fashion is his second love and he’s a visual person. Blake likes Instagram because he has all these artistic photographer friends who shoot amazing photo-shoots, and I love Twitter because i’m usually talking trash about sports to my friends and the fans.

How do you think you would have survived, as a band, without the power of social media – do you consider it a help or a hindrance?

It’s a necessary evil but it can be overwhelming. So many platforms, apps, chat options, etc but through it all, we have direct dialog with our ARmy and that’s the silver lining. It’s fun when we want to do it but it sometimes feels like a job when we have to do it.

Tell us more about your involvement with the Born This Way foundation?

Gaga is all about tolerance and acceptance and that’s the cornerstone of her Born This Way Foundation. We created our own platform called the Bully Proof Tour and so far, we’ve done around 300 free anti-bullying assemblies and concerts for schools all over the U.S. We had a chance to link up with her foundation on a span of shows and press events to bring awareness to both organisations. It is one of our proudest milestones.

What else can we expect from you guys in 2017?

Tour dates in the U.S. and international. Definitely some new singles coming out which means more music videos.

Find out more from After Romeo here.