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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Earl

Tuesday 14 February 2017

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Alaskan born singer and songwriter, Earl, is making a name for herself, and it’s taking shape under her very own brand of Jazz. With a childhood spent growing up on a gas station and singing gospel in her local church choir, Earl was obsessed with the sounds of Jazz from an age as young as 7. Since then, the singer has skipped from city to city in the search for own distinctive sound before settling in North London while she works on her new album, featuring collaborations with Paloma Faith, Basement Jaxx and the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Hall Band. With her upcoming album featuring her single ‘Tongue Tied’ on the horizon, her debut musical offering promises an upbeat entry into our eardrums, playing with up-tempo, swing-styled tunes to get your feet tapping.

Intrigued to find out more? Then you’ve come to the right place, because here Earl has revealed 5 intimate facts about herself that you simply would not have otherwise known. Take it away Earl…

1) I grew up in Alaska with a few dog sled teams in the neighbourhood. As a child I used to like to to start them all howling at the full moon for a giggle. Imagine 4 – 6 teams of 16 – 24 huskies howling at once within a few mile wide radius, in the valley at the base of a mountain range. It was quite an echoing sound. And a powerful feeling at night from a 6 year old girl.

“I have a bird named White Light and he rides on my shoulder and takes showers with me”.

2) My Father owned a line of heavy equipment and taught me how to run it all to keep up our property. We had 2 dump trucks, a semi truck for hauling the equipment, a tractor tailer, a tractor, a backhoe, a caterpillar and a bull dozer. More than maintaining and operating this equipment I enjoyed a ride in the bucket of the bull dozer which extended about 3 stories in the air. I used to hold on to the chain hood and Dad would tilt the bucket back and forth in the air and yell up asking me if I wanted to dangle this time. Country folk version of a rollercoaster ride.

3) I have a bird named White Light and he rides on my shoulder and takes showers with me. I take water in my mouth and create a fountain for him to bathe in.

4) I’m obsessed with Wedding rings. I design them for hours as a way to relax, in the way someone might enjoy playing video games, or baking cupcakes. I create dream rings, sourcing and studying cuts and mountings and drawing mock ups. One day this information will come in very handy!

5) I’m a bit competitive. Pilates seems to create the best results for my body and when I’m working out, and I can plank up to 2 mins. My girlfriends recently put me on the spot in a bar and dared me to challenge some dudes at planking. Needless to say, I beat them all… even after a few drinks!

Check out Earl’s music video for ‘Tongue Tied’ below: