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Candy colours & wacky silhouettes at David Ferreira’s circus inspired show ‘Freakball’

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Words Spindle

David Ferreira put on a truly unique and spectacularly wacky show, with ‘Freakball,’ his new collection for Autumn/Winter 2017. Drawing inspiration from the circus, sideshows and freak shows, the collection was full of bright, neon colours, feathers, unusual silhouettes, fluffy fabrics, colourful fur, and doll-like, clown-esque make up and multicoloured stripes in the models’ hair. The circus inspiration was evident in many of the pieces, seeing a jester-like outfit in bright pink and yellow, and feather headpieces completing numerous looks. The collection was full of more wonderfully weird pieces, including fluffy sleeves, silky dresses, puffy sleeves, and neon coloured, fur trimmed outerwear. The collection was all about celebrating individuality, uniqueness, not conforming to society’s definition of ‘normal,’ and thereby proving there really is no such thing as normal.

Fabrics used throughout included silk, satin, tulle, crepe satins, and woven metal fabric. The collection played with the female form by exaggerating silhouettes and creating volume with ruffles, gatherings, pattern cutting, layers of tulle, and straightened Mongolian lamb wool. Standout pieces, of which there were many, included a stunning ruffled dress in layers of bright pink, baby pink and violet, as well as a dress with a yellow bodice, surrounded by giant tulle sleeves in various shades of pink that gave an ombre look. Another tulle dress looked like a giant bauble, seeing layers of baby blue, lilac and pinks, complete by a royal blue silk top with a fluffy neckline. Another innovative piece was a truly oversized green furry coat that brought the shoulders up to the model’s head, as if she had no neck, bringing to mind monsters and perfectly encapsulating the ‘Freakball’ theme of the collection. The models also brought the theme to life as they glided down the catwalk with a whimsical, obscure sense of performance, moving their arms in jarring movements, almost like wind-up dolls.