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Vince Kidd & Tiggs Review the New James Long Collection

Friday 26 June 2015

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As the menswear catwalk season continues, we thought it would be fun to get a review of a show from a new artistic perspective. Instead of publishing the same old fashion journo guff (after all, how many times can you rehash words like “pivotal” or “inspirational”?), we recruited singer Vince Kidd and singer/rapper Tiggs to attend the James Long S/S16 show on our behalf at LCM. They had a ball, and took to WhatsApp to chat about their thoughts on the collection afterwards. 


Vince: Hey man, cool to meet you the other day! You was saying that was your first fashion show – what did you think of it all?

Tiggs : Nice to meet you too. The show was pretty cool… Definitely a new experience for me, in a good way. How did you find it?


Vince: Yeah, I liked it! I’ve been to quite a few fashion shows before, and actually a few James Long shows. This was my favourite one of his, which is weird ‘cos it was all about mixed prints and paisley and patchwork, and I basically live in black. I never really wear print (apart from animal print like snakeskin or leopard), but this was so colourful and I don’t really fuck with that too much… but it’s definitely inspired me. Would you wear any of the items from the show ?

Tiggs: I’m a pretty subtle person when it comes to my outfits, but I loved some of the jackets even though it’s not what I would normally wear… I like patchwork and mixed prints if it’s done well, and I thought that was the case with this collection.


Vince: Yeah there’s a few things I would definitely wear – probably wear some of the printed jumpers with some block colour, and maybe some black leather trousers. But then I thought it was cool how it was styled with loads of prints clashing. I think this collection is perfect for a British festival; I can see a lot of people in a few of the outfits at festivals next year.




Vince: This was my favourite item – it’s got a really British 90’s grunge feel. I’ve never worn anything like this before, but it’s on my wish list! Where would you wear some of these clothes?

Tiggs: I’m always in the studio so probably there haha, although I could see myself wearing the jackets on casual nights out in Shoreditch with some friends bar-hopping lol. I’ve got a few pairs of worn-out (vintage) jeans and a few pairs of all-white Converse, so that would pretty much sum me up.




Vince: I loved these jeans as well! I would definitely wear these. I think of my style as grungy and usually don’t associate much colour with that, I dunno why… but these are fucking cool. And that jumper! 




Vince: This jacket is fucking cool as well – I would definitely rock that with a pair of skinnies or something.

Tiggs : Yeahhh I love that jean jacket… that’s definitely up my street… it’s the kind of jacket I would usually buy in the summer, because of the colours. It’s also pretty vibrant and doesn’t look heavy.




Vince: As an overall look, this was my favourite. What did you think of the music they played ?

Tiggs: The music was okay… to be fair, I was looking at the outfits in detail so I couldn’t tell you what song was playing. I’m rubbish at multitasking lol. What did you think of it?


Vince: They played one of my favourite tunes! ‘Trash’ by Suede – that made me happy. I liked the 80’s rock ‘n’ roll vibes with the music. 

Tiggs: Sweet lol. All in all, I think it was a great collection, and I can definitely see myself rocking some of jackets… looking forward to seeing more from James Long.