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Thursday 24 November 2011

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Words Spindle

Image: Kevin Mason

Styling: Heather Falconer

WATCH ‘Dead Roads’ SPINDLE/CREATE STUDIOS fashion film 

Congratulations on graduating how do you feel?
I still feel like im going to have to go back to uni in september! im excited but nervous about what comes next because I’ve got no idea how things are going to pan out.

What was the inspiration behind your final collection?
At the start of research my main inspiration was an image of an inuit shaman and some inuit illustrations, they have an almost crude humour in some of them which I really liked. After I had made the bases of most of the garments inspiration was just more, get as much volume and texture on the piece as possible. I think I could fringe forever!

Describe the key features of your collection?
Top heavy silhouettes, ALOT of surface decoration I used fringing on almost every piece, each strand of the fringing is done by hand I really like craftsmanship. Also an obsession with lime green led to me try and get it in everywhere!

What were you listening to whilst spending many a night at the sewing machine?
I’m not gonna lie J-los new album was on repeat for quite a lot of it but sigur ros and the dead weather also a lot of the time.

Who do you consider to be a real fashion pioneer? Walter van Bierendonck, i love him, his clothes everything about him.
Have you completed any work experience or industry collaborations? How were they? I was one of only 4 people in my year to decide not to take a year in industry so my work experience is limited, i worked in the design office at coco de mer in my second year and some lovely butt plugs and dildos designed by me are now in store. its not exactly luxury knitwear experience but i learnt lot about small businesses when i was there.

What is your most treasured fashion possession? 
Clothes wise, a pair of black ponyskin wedges from ashish for topshop. and a book called knitwear in fashion given to me by my old flat mate alice carvill-white.

Favourite book? 
A wild sheep chase by Haruki Murakami

Favourite Artist? 
Melissa Steckbauer

Your favourite moment in Fashion?
Is it really selfish to say the Westminster 2011 show!?

Who would you most like to see in your creations?
My mother

Do you have any words of wisdom that you could pass on to 1st or 2nd year students, leading up to their final collections?
Take some time for yourself be it socially or on your own to just to get away from everything even if its only 10 minutes and try not to isolate yourself in your work because when it gets really tough you’ll need someone to keep you going.

What’s Next? 
I’m starting a technical knitting course at the end of september to improve my machine knitting skills. Id like to do an MA in knitwear at some point but im going to look for some work experience first before applying for that, i will continue to produce my own stuff alongside all of this and build up my portfolio some more.