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Editorial: ‘Moonwalks’ by Mona Cordes

Thursday 09 February 2017

Mona Cordes is 21 year old Fashion Textiles student and photographer and stylist on the side. Hailing from a small town in Northern Germany but based in London, Mona has a strong passion for colours, and her current fascination lies with architecture, geometrics and discovering new patterns on the way to uni, or on the tube. Aspiring to become a fashion designer, Mona has already been published by several publications – including by Spindle back in November – and interviewed on her artistic crafts. “I love to create little diaries and picture stories, made a zine before and planning to make another one soon about my impressions of the London city vibe”, she tells us.

This time, Mona captures the work of accessory designer Hannah Hetherington, styled alongside looks from Brick Lane Vintage and gloves and puffs from from Sugar and Style. Mona explains the inspiration behind this series: “I shot the photo series in quite a vulnerable place surrounded by warehouses. That it went this dark wasn’t planned but it worked out pretty well as the images show an atmospheric, dark scene. Hannah’s pieces go well with this vibe I find. Those mysterious faces drawn onto accessories used are pretty creepy, which is a good extra along with the grim, kind of scary red lightning.”

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Mona caught up with Hannah Hetherington, who who graduated last year from studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths to talk about her aspirations, inspirations and the relationship between art and fashion.

What were your inspirations when creating your pieces? 

I’m inspired by raw fashion photography a lot; I still look at Nan Goldin and Corinne Days work all the time. My friends and family also inspire me a lot too, I love to observe them in moments of extravagance when out at a party, to moments when you are most vulnerable and lonely.

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What is it you want to express with them and how did you get your head around doing some sort of collaboration with art and fashion? 

I like to create some sort of entity with my pieces, that’s why I draw portraits so much. The faces I draw are usually scary or ugly. I like to think of my pieces as giving these unconventional bodies a time to be the star and look beautiful.

I didn’t find it hard to think about combining art and fashion, I don’t think there needs to be such a definitive line between the two. It was just a natural outcome of the collaborative way my work was going. I just started tying my paintings around my friends and photographing them dancing about in them. I felt like it turned my pieces into some sort of character in a performance rather than just a painting hanging up on a wall.


Could you say now what form of art you are aspiring to fulfil in future works?

I’m aspiring to create some sort of unconventional fashion collection which marries art and fashion together alongside a wide collaborative group of creatives. I want to create a platform for my pieces to act as characters and friends alongside the performers/models/friends who wear them. Somewhere where societal-cast misfits can find solace and become whoever they want to be.

Photography, styling and hair by Mona Cordes
Models: James Underdown and Hannah Hetherington
Make up by Alexia Caranto
Accessories by Hannah Hetherington, clothes from Brick Lane Vintage, gloves and puffs by Sugar and Style