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Musician Playlist: Saint Mesa

Thursday 02 February 2017

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Southern Californian based Saint Mesa, also known as 21-year-old Danny McCook, is a self-taught musician with a humbling tale hardship and isolation that has inspired the backbone to his dream-pop style. From suffering with a rare disease from a young age and having his recent years riddled with bouts of hospitalisation – McCook’s forced isolation has (on the plus side) inspired the personal lyrics on his new debut EP, Jungle.

These hard times of seclusion and triumph however, are not the only points of inspiration that have influenced the sounds of Saint Mesa. We asked McCook to talk us through his favourite tracks and why he loves them, and then put them into a playlist for your listening pleasure. Check out it out below.

Acid Test – River Tiber

Love the vocal on this track. Whole vibe is perfect.


Phil Collins – One More Night

God I love this song. I mean it’s Phil Collins.


Roah Summit – Take Care

Really nostalgic feeling track. Its the song that makes you look out the window while you’re driving and think you’re in a movie.


M83 – Laser Gun (ft. Mai Lan)

Really love this track because it sounds like an 80’s song me and my dad would listen to while driving to the beach.


The 1975 – UGH!

Production is next level on this track. It almost feels like everything is percussive instrument, even the vocals. Awesome groove.


Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Just a classic jam song that has positive aggression but still pulls off that happy synth sound they are so good at.


Pink Floyd – Brain Damage

The lyrics of this song are such a trip! I think in general you can’t deny Pink Floyd have a legendary sound.


M83 – Midnight City

I’ve always been impressed by what M83 can do with their synth sound design and how huge they can make it sound. The perfect blend of 80s feel!


Youth Lagoon

Even though this is a moody song there’s something about it that makes me have childhood flashbacks to the summertime.


Alt-J – Warm Foothills

I’ve always thought this song has such an interesting sound design and their ability to take that and mix it with that folk sound always blew me away.


Saint Mesa – Jungle

Because it’s my single and I just dropped my music video for it. Awesome!

Saint Mesa’s debut EP, Jungle, is out now on Interscope. To download it on Itunes click here, or stream it on Spotify here.