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NYFW: Interview with Kendall Miles

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Bringing to you beautiful shoes, handcrafted in Italy, Kendall Miles is a powerhouse designer who realised her strong passion for shoes by creating her very own brand. During her New York Fashion Week presentation, we caught five with the designer to talk about the ethos behind the new collection and what advice she’d give to young, emerging designers who plan to follow in her footsteps.

Tell us a bit about your brand?

Kendall Miles is a brand that exudes femininity and elegance with a refined sexuality. You know, each pair really has the ability to transform a woman’s personality, attitude, character, the way she walks. She makes a statement, and she demands your full attention when she walks into a room.

Let’s see the shoes that you’re wearing… 

So, these are from Spring/Summer 2017, and they actually have genuine turquoise stones, and Swarovski crystals.

Tell us about your FW17 collection.

This is the first collection that I’ve actually designed 100% on my own. It was inspired by pretty much my library of embellishments that I’ve accumulated over the past year-and-a-half. So, when I’m going to Italy every other month to visit my suppliers and my factory, I’m taking little trinkets, little samples, little details with me, and bringing them back here. As a result, I’ve accumulated this enormous library of things. And when it was time to design this collection, I went to that library and kind of pulled out the main things that spoke to me, just the things I thought were beautiful. I chose them specifically to design around them, to keep developing them, and, you know, just to see what I could transform them into. Through that, I had, like, 500 sketches, and I narrowed them down to my favourites.

And which is your favourite from this collection?

The black boots with the (fake) fur.

Tell us about your plans for the brand?

I’m just going to continue to design, continue to study, continue to work hard. It’s just so exciting, and it’s so fun. I feel so humbled and so blessed for the opportunity, and to have you guys here, supporting me, seeing my work. It’s a dream come true, and I want to see where this takes me. You know, I would really, really love to get some more publicity around the brand, so more people can know about it and support it, because it’s not just about designs, it’s not just about quality. It’s about introducing some diversity into the market, and broadening the horizons of what’s out there right now.

Who would you say is the Kendall Miles consumer? Let’s talk about in terms of celebrities, who is the ultimate person you’d want to wear your brand?

It’s hard to say, but there’s only been one celebrity musician to purchase a Kendall Miles shoe, and that was Rihanna. So, I guess it’s her, she has a vision. I’m so fortunate for that. She hasn’t worn them, but she bought like four pairs.

Spindle is all about promoting new, emerging talent. What advice would you give to our younger readers who are just starting out in the industry?

Definitely do your homework. You have to know what you’re talking about; you have to be able to articulate yourself and your vision. You have to be able to clearly define your needs versus your wants, that’s so important when building a business. There are so many components, and you have to be able to differentiate between what’s necessary, and what’s a luxury. There’s such little funding that you literally have to squeeze all you can from what you have. Being a startup, it’s very difficult, because you just don’t have the resources.