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Behind the scenes: Tiggi Hawke’s video for ‘Neon Dancer’

Wednesday 08 February 2017
Words Spindle

Upcoming pop darling Tiggi Hawke recently followed up the success of her 2016 EP ‘Burn Notice’ with a new single, ‘Neon Dancer,’ for which she has just dropped an equally electrifying music video. Tiggi makes elegant, colourful and confident pop music, bringing to mind the likes of Ellie Goulding, and her new single further confirms her ascension as pop prodigy. ‘Neon Dancer’ hears her stunning vocals over rumbling beats, an explosive breakdown, and a super catchy chorus that will captivate you and keep you pressing repeat. The video takes the single’s title literally, showing Tiggi performing the song covered in neon makeup, joined by neon-suited dancers who bring the song to life. Interspersed with thrilling shots that speed through nighttime streets where cars creating trails of light, this is a sublime video from the artist. And we’ve got a treat for you – a behind the scenes look at the making of the video, which Tiggi herself has even captioned for your viewing and reading pleasure. Enjoy!


“Can’t ALWAYS be serious… Loved working with these guys, real life neon dancers!!”


“Those lashes were amazing, 3 sets of fake lashes covered in neon paint gave us the effect we were looking for. Taking them of was another mission though…”


“Filming the video was a completely new experience for most of us, so we did a lot of experimentation with the paints and had to apply it under the UV lights to see how it looked. It was a great creative experience, loads of ideas flying around and some that we would never have tried without bouncing off each other!”


“Possibly the most serious I’ve looked in a long time! I loved the outfit that Tahnee picked out and all the accessories, the UV made the clothes blend into the background to we went for structured clothes to give an interesting outline against the paint.”


unnamed-4“Did I mention UV nail polish? Because I should have! I didn’t even know it existed!! We actually added more paint onto my hands after this for more of the effect so it looked more like my face.”


unnamed-5“THESE. GUYS. They danced their neon hearts out, I definitely learnt a thing or two from them (plus I wish I had their suits… so cool!)”


unnamed-6“Nina was so patient and creative with this, she nailed it! She used the blue as a background to absorb the light and make the neon stand out even more. I think the best part was people throwing paint at my face as I stood in the window, we could never recreate it but it made for an awesome effect!”


unnamed-7“Ok admittedly, the UV lights really make the whole thing work… Sexy smurf anyone?!”



“The most epic shot! Smoke machine? Check! Awesome neon dancers? Check! Oh yeahhh!”


Watch the video below: