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‘Über Freaks’ follows Berlin’s extreme risk-taking graffiti artists

Wednesday 01 February 2017

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An upcoming documentary film by filmmaker and author Good Guy Boris will follow a group of daredevil street artists who risk their lives to create graffiti in some amazing spots in Berlin. ‘Über Freaks’ follows the young and close knit group, who call themselves the ‘Berlin Kidz,’ as they take risks and get thrills out of their adrenaline-fuelled creativity, turning the city into their playground. Boris has described the film as a “joyride for the viewer,” and its trailer shows the risk-takers climbing and abseiling down buildings in the heart of the city with minimal safety gear, walking the top of moving trains, and sneaking into forbidden areas to make street art.

In addition to the documentary, Boris has also created a book, ‘Grifters Code: Documenting Modern Graffiti Writing,’ which tells the story behind his creation of The Grifters, a group of street artists who have established a legacy within the local community in just a short time. It tells Boris’ story and his success with The Grifters, from their beginnings in Bulgaria to becoming a staple of graffiti photojournalism in Paris. The book will feature numerous examples of their street photography.

Watch the trailer below:

Über Freaks’ and ‘Grifters Code: Documenting Modern Graffiti Writing’ will both be launched on 8th February at 8pm CET here.