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Hayleigh Hatcher’s Valentine’s Day 101

Tuesday 14 February 2017

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Valentine’s Day is a cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world and has been associated with romantic love since the 14th century. In today’s culture, Valentine’s Day is like one big pop art explosion. Red, pink, flowers, candy, hearts, trinkets, and lips are everywhere. Some people get up, some people get down, but wether you are crying, loving, or leaving… Valentine’s Day can be special for you. Regardless of love or the perceived lack thereof, love is the drug and there are plenty of ways to get your doses.

Advice for ‘TheĀ Bitter Valentine’.

“Rejection is protection… you are safe now and this day is yours for the taking”.

Lets start off with the bitter Valentine. Last year you were attending fashion shows with your lover and people were taking photos of you guys because you looked so splendid together. It didn’t even matter what you guys did because ultimately you were going to do each other and that was the best seat in town. However things are different in 2017. You aren’t in a relationship and you don’t see any potentials. No need to stress though, I’m sure you learned many valuable lessons from your heartbreak and on the bright side, you are free from what no longer serves you. There’s a saying: rejection is protection… you are safe now and this day is yours for the taking. So make a rad playlist and get out there and treat yourself, love starts with self love and motivating tunes. Follow your single heart and do whatever you feel like. Maybe its being creative, perhaps it’s hanging out with your friends, or maybe you can go crazy and take yourself on a date. Seriously plan a day for yourself that you would love then do it.

Advice for ‘The Fun-LovingĀ Valentine’.

“Rally the troops and radiate the love”.

Next is the fun-loving Valentine. Maybe you’re single, maybe you are not, either way you just want to celebrate. In a time when society is suffering, fun and laughter are the best medicines and we need people like you to rally the troops and radiate the love. Based in New York like me? Grab your squad, a chic ensemble and hit The Roxy Hotel, where you can enjoy a live performance from the talented pianist Michael Garin from 5-7PM, followed by the sultry sounds of Svetlana & The Delancey Five from 7-10PM. The Roxy is also serving a special menu, as well as designer cocktails and delicious oysters; amid sensual lighting and plush velvet banquets…is your heart throbbing yet? Another option on the other side of the tracks is the karaoke madness at El Cortez located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can sing your hearts out to basically any song under the sun in this dive bar curation of a tropical oasis. Besides having fun, celebrating with your loved ones raises your energy and vibration which in turn spreads love outward.

Advice for ‘The Super in Love Valentine’.

“Sex aside, people want to be connected and understood”.

Lastly there’s the super in love valentine. Cupids arrow is in your heart to stay and all you can think about is elevating your oxytocin. So what do you do? Get creative and think about your partner, and what they would most enjoy. Think about it and touch upon the little quirks that rev your lovers engine and not just in bed. Sex aside, people want to be connected and understood. I once had a boyfriend that knew I loved fireworks, he took me on his roof top and set off a personal fireworks show for me. I felt like the queen of the world! To this day, I treasure that experience. So think about what you can give someone that sets there soul on fire… you will be rewarded.

Valentines Day means different things to different people but in reality it’s a holiday celebrating love. Regardless of your relationship status, love is everywhere, love is all around, love starts from within. There has been a lot of negativity and turmoil in the news lately. There are riffs in society and in communities, however, we can spread this emotion on an individual level. Valentines Day can be a start to really showing people in your life and in the world how you care about them. It feels good to show love and generating positive feelings is better for your health. So Happy Valentine’s Day, get out there and give someone a little kiss!