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An Interview with Bare Traps

Friday 24 March 2017

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Words Bee Adamic

London hones a sound like no other compared to other cities, the way it moves swiftly in the digital age, both technology and music trends see changes happen dramatically. Being a part of the city, Bare Traps have seen a gap and have claimed the spot with their indie rock style and are determined to keep everything in their world consistently ‘Bare Traps’. With the release of their new double single ‘All In You’ (which contains the single ‘Waiting Outside’) the band is sure of as one of their most honest release and a release they’re most proud of. We had a chat to them all about the lead up to the release; the story behind the songs and other emerging acts killing it in the scene.


How did you all meet? And when did you decide to make music together?


Luke was living on a farm with his aunt and uncle, when he met Sam and Liam who had become lost and in need of a point in the right direction. They all got into a scuffle with some nutters with sticks, but Scott saved them. Weirdly Scott knew Luke’s dad and gave him his old lightsabre. Oh wait, that might actually be part of the plot to Star Wars. Sorry. We decided to make music together when we were all rejected at an audition for a Wu-Tang tribute act.


What was the idea about releasing a double single ‘All In You’ and ‘Waiting Outside’? Instead of releasing the tracks one after the other?


We liked the idea of creating a story arc within the release and felt that the two tracks really worked together both in that respect and sonically. As artists it’s nice to play around with that kind of thing. It allows for more creativity than just releasing standalone tracks and also gives our audience more material to – hopefully – enjoy. For some people All In You is their favourite of the two tracks, and for others Waiting Outside is their favourite, so that’s cool because we’re appealing to different tastes.


How would you describe your sound in three words?


Angular sun-drenched grooves. Slipped a little hyphen in there to steal a cheeky fourth.


Is there an EP or debut album in the works at all?


Although we have more than enough material for an album we’re not planning on one anytime soon, nor any EPs I’m afraid. As an independent band trying to make our way in the current music market it really isn’t cost effective for us to be releasing any extended play-type records. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to record an album, but we can’t afford to fund that ourselves. Somebody should sign us and steal our souls. Come on majors, we’re waiting!


In the coming weeks, you are playing a few gigs including Birmingham and London. Asides from these dates, are there any cities you’d like to play in the UK in the near future?


Glasgow would be cool. It’d be great to get on at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Every time we’ve seen gigs that have taken place in that venue they look like madness, and it’s just got a really cool heritage too.


Who would you say inspired you growing as musicians? And have your influences changed over the years as you grew as a band?


Scott: When starting out, my main influence in drumming was Matt Helders, I found his style incredibly captivating, he could be in your face when necessary but would sit back on the beat and chill when it worked best. Further down the line was Travis Barker, for his showmanship and pure skill and Eddy Thrower of Lower Than Atlantis has fascinated me for the last 5 years or so. As I’ve grown as a musician my tastes have changed and I’ve taken huge inspiration from electronic artists such as Bonobo, Burial, Four Tet, Floating Points and Machinedrum.


Luke: I’ve gone through fads of being obsessed with various guitarists. The big ones for me are: John Frusciante, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Russell Lissack, Tom Morello, Thomas Erak, and Johnny Greenwood. Together I think they’ve all influenced my playing and helped me to find my own style because they’re all guitarists with very distinctive, individual styles, and that’s what I look for in musicians.


Sam: When I started writing and performing music I would listen to artists which I thought I was making similar music too and draw inspiration from them. I was writing mostly acoustic music so people like Matt Corby, John Mayer, Marcus Mumford, they all had a big impact on my early musical days. After that I started to get more inspired by more soulful contemporary vocalists and songwriters like Sampha, James Blake, Tom Misch. Overall I’d say all the music I listen to effects the way I write and perform. I try to gain as much knowledge as I can from any artist I admire, and use that knowledge in my own lyrics and vocals style.


Liam: I would say my main influences are two completely different bass players. On one hand I have Flea and the other Mark Hoppus. Both the Chillis and Blink were massive influences on my decision to play music. The Chillis are reminiscent of my early days listening to music with my parents, while Blink are my angst years of being a teenager. However nowadays I love to draw influence from the likes of James Jamerson. Jamerson’s uncredited baselines for numerous Motown hits are inspirational.


To be honest our influences haven’t changed a hell of a lot since we’ve been a band. We’re told we have a very distinctive sound and we seem to stay true to that without much conscious effort. A lot of the initial ideas that have become Bare Traps songs were written years ago, so the influences of whatever we were listening to back then is still present in our music now.


You guys are a London based band, what do you like about the city and has it inspired the sound you create?


London’s a bitch, but it’s our bitch. Actually, more accurately, we’re probably all London’s bitches and we bend down to pick up the soap on the reg. It’s a great city and the vibrancy inspires us, but shit, it’s tough to live here at times. Different cultures and different types of music surround us, so they definitely influence our sound, but London can grind you down if you let it, and our music is about avoiding that and feeling positive, so that’s probably how it inspires us.


Who do you highly rate in the music scene at the moment?


Will Joseph Cook is currently blowing up, and rightly so. He’s written some really catchy great guitar pop. We’re very into that. One of our best friends that goes by the name Poté is making some of the most interesting stuff we’re hearing at the moment. His most recent single, Egosurf, is a work of genius. Annie Mac’s all over him at Radio One, so it’s just a matter of time before he’s a household name we reckon. Recently we’ve discovered a few new sick indie bands too. Palace and Clean Cut Kid to name a couple. Indie seems to be making a comeback after a bit of a lull, so as indie fans we’re excited to hear this new wave of bands.

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