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Spindle Selects: Tracks of the Week

Thursday 09 March 2017

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The best tracks that we think you should be listening to this week.

Jeremih – ‘I Think Of You’ Dance Video

‘I Think Of You’ is one of the best R&B jams of the year (we’re calling it already), so it’s only right if it gets the same ‘dance video’ treatment that jams the level of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ seem to get these days. The video plays with the track’s retro-Michael Jackson vibe, with dancers set in a rollerdisco (but not doing much skating). Coming as the first single from the final instalment in Jeremih’s excellent ‘Late Night’ series, expect one of the year’s top R&B album releases to come later this year.

Lorde – ‘Green Light’

Lorde is back, and back with a bang. After having teased new material for a while across social media and causing a consequent frenzy, a pressure had built up for the new music to live up to the hype. It became clear it was going to sound different after the popstar wrote a letter on Facebook about the turning point of becoming 20-years-old, growing up, and the developments in her personal life. And yet ‘Green Light’ comes forth as a remarkable track that no one quite saw coming. Beginning with an off kilter, left-field verse, the track winds its way up to a Niki And The Dove-style chorus of gargantuan size, complete with soaring piano house. When coupled with a video that sees Lorde running, spinning, jumping across the streets of LA with an infectiously liberated freedom it becomes a timeless classic.

LiTek & Tom Zanetti – ‘Uber’ ft. Curtis Clacey

King of the dancefloor and all-round house anthem hero Tom Zanetti returns, this time collaborating with Manchester producer LiTek’s on his new bassline heavy track ‘Uber’. Channeling a slightly different tribal twist and featuring a soulful topline from Curtis Clacey, this track is another surefire Zanetti smash which will shift your mood to start to get excited about a summer season packed full of festivals.

Jorja Smith – ‘Beautiful Little Fools’

Jorja Smith’s newest track ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless classic ‘The Great Gatsby.’ The song’s music video, released on international women’s day, is meant to call out the constraints and expectations put upon women in society. The music video, is sonically and aesthetically influenced by the Gatsby era, mixing elements of jazz and r&b Smith is able to keep the book alive through the track. ‘Beautiful Little Fools,’ while based on a book written nearly a century ago, still carries an important message that resonates with our society today.

Sonny – ‘Since We’ve Begun’

After seeing acclaim and success with his debut single ‘Princess’ Sonny returns with his follow up single ‘Since We’ve Begun.’ Using his dynamic voice and only a few instruments in this stripped down production, Sonny continues to illustrate how promising the 17 year old is. What begins off with a soothing guitar groove, and Sonny’s bare vocals, builds into the chorus with twinkling keys, background vocals, and Sonny showing off his impressive range. ‘Since We’ve Begun’ is a charming love song that’s meant to be cherished.

IMAN – ‘Wishing’

London based artist IMAN returns with her third single ‘Wishing’. A dancey electro-pop hit, her soulful tone controls the songs upbeat and sensual production. The song, while easy to dance, carries a great deal of emotional depth as well. Iman’s driving affection for her love interest is clear, and ‘Wishing’ is asking for her lover to reciprocate it.

PATHS – ‘Right Beside You’

Sparkling with serene alt-pop vigour, that hints names such as Tei Shi and St Vincent, PATHS returns with her single ‘Right Beside You’. Her ability for assembling and manipulating diverse and multi-cultural samples that match to East-Asian instruments, utter through moments in this.

Alt-J- ‘3WW’

Dark, sprawling and – dare we say it – “proggy” return from the Mercury-winning three piece and the first taste of new album ‘Relaxer ‘ set for release on the 9th June. Starting off with delicate guitar and Massive Attack-esque bass lines, the track gives way to a cappella vocal chants before the introduction of gorgeous strings, twinkling piano and the lilting refrain “I just want to love you in my own language.” Ellie Roswell of Wolf Alice also joins the fray, as brooding synths envelop the song before that same piano and addictive, meditative bass line return for the song’s finale. A truly enthralling return.

Fleet Foxes – ‘Third Of May/?daigahara’

Another intriguing return following a 6 year absence, this time from Fleet Foxes, who preview their new record ‘Crack-Up’ on the 16th June with the release of ‘Third of May/?daigahara,’ an 8 minute journey that bursts in to life in typical Fleet Foxes fashion, complete with crashing guitar crescendos, hymnal backing and Robin Pecknold’s elegiac vocal delivery, before taking a dramatic, chaotic twist in to a dark, cryptic instrumental final two minutes.

 Dream Estate – ‘Half the World Away’

Drawing inspiration from contemporaries including Aurora, Bon Iver and a variety of 80’s pop artists – Dream Estate have spent the early months of 2017 recording a wealth of material alongside Sam Winfield (Fickle Friends, Amber Run, Pixel Fix) A wondrous first taste into their sound, Half The World Away is an ode to young love thwarted by the perils of long distance. Their emotive lyrics matched with simple guitar and synth melodies present themselves in an infectious dream like state.