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Female Vocals: Krista Papista ‘AMAN AMAN’ video

Monday 10 April 2017

Krista Papista‘s brand new video for ‘AMAN AMAN’ gives us a glimpse into the life of a fictional girl gang that has migrated – from Greece, Cyprus and Afghanistan – to London. They are a hedonistic, modern and sexually-liberated Neo-Nationalistic group, and ‘AMAN AMAN’ is their national anthem – their “Greek Punk prayer”. We welcome Krista back to Spindle (a year since we featured her Horror soundtrack-like ‘I Wish I Had Blue Eyes‘) to tell us more about the song and video.

Welcome back Krista! Tell us how the song came about, and what ‘AMAN AMAN’ actually means?
It’s a Greek slang expressions for ‘Oh God!’, and the idea for the song came last summer while I was watching videos about Golden Dawn, the Greek Neo-Nazi political party. I wanted to confront and ridicule those types of nationalistic parties, that are decadent to the point of being farcical. The song tells you how to live your life if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s no direct story, but within the lyrics are religious lines Mediterraneans say to each other, as well as phrases Greek and Cypriot politicians have used.

Tell us about the video – we hear it features a former Miss Greece?
Yes – Eleni Miariti, who won Miss Greece in 2011, plays the leader of the gang. The video also features costumes by Steven Noble (T2 Trainspotting, Under The Skin, 24 Hour Party People) and cinematography by Lorena Pages, who illuminated my vision perfectly. The girls in the video think of themselves as heroines – others could say they are delusional. After writing the song, I went on holiday to Mykonos and kept having visions of a red Greek flag, which then became the symbol for the project.

And there have been a few remixes of the track already?
Yes – Easter, Lokier and JD Samson have all remixed ‘AMAN AMAN’. All here on my Soundcloud.

Great, so what’s next?
I’m playing May 30th at The Finsbury, supporting IOSONOUNCANE. Other than that, I’ll be walking around London and drinking too much coffee. And writing my second album.

Awesome, thanks Krista. Good luck with the writing!

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