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Interview: Blood Brother

Monday 03 April 2017

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Words Alice Bell

Blood Brother birthed (almost) 5 years ago in London by Nick Biela and James Waller. Originally a street wear brand, it is now the epicentre of British street style fashion, and has become one of the hotly tipped shows of LFWM. I caught up with one half of BB Nick for a chat about their latest project; a collaboration with beer brand GUINNESS, which is being sold exclusively in Harrods and via Blood Brother online.


Tell me about the partnership with Guinness, how did it come about?
GUINNESS contacted us as they were looking to partner with a designer to create a bespoke collection, after our initial meetings it was clear that we shared very similar mantras. Blood Brother holds togetherness at its core and this was something that attracted GUINNESS to work with us in the first place and a message that they believed in.

As a brand were you fans of Guinness prior to the collaboration?
We certainly were fans of GUINNESS, Both James and I love the drink but it’s the iconic imagery, advertising and heritage that really makes this brand unique.


“It’s always good to collaborate in every walk of life”


The collection is being sold exclusively at Harrods, why Harrods?
Harrods were really keen on the collaboration, not that there wasn’t other interest, however we felt the aesthetic of the store the slightly older consumer and the product itself would really suit this door, the team there have been excellent in helping it come to life.




Will there be another collection with Guinness to follow?
Lets see – we are still really enjoying what we created here.


How much ‘red tape’ was there in the design process – or were you able to be ‘creatively free’?
With a huge global brand of course there was red tape, and actually while working with GUINNESS, HARRODS also have a let of restrictions with alcohol references and age awareness however the way I see it is that good design often comes out of restriction, and we are really please with the end result.


“Blood Brother holds togetherness at its core and this was something that attracted GUINNESS”


What were the aims for Blood Brother as a brand, post collaboration, did you want to tap into a wider audience?
We enjoyed working with a global brand that is respected by grandparents and cool kids alike, it was more about creating something that sits in a moment of time. The concept is itself nostalgic like this someday will be to us.

As an editor, my inbox is constantly filled with press releases about collaborations. Why do you think that it’s important for brands to collaborate?
It’s always good to collaborate in every walk of life, my business wouldn’t work without collaboration and people are generally better together, our differences make us closer. So when two brands like ours decide to communicate and create something for shared exposure while enjoying that process and trying to make a point of difference their industries and places of sale for the goods are much richer for that so we hope that press can see the honesty in the commerce.


What’s next in store for Blood Brother?
We are right in the deep end of developing SS18 so I can barely tell you what I ate for dinner last night :-/ haha, but we are planning to have a large event in the summer to mark 5 years as a business – hope that we can talk about that when its upon us.


You can shop the collection here