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Introducing: Sonny

Monday 03 April 2017

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Writing intricate, passionate and genuine lyrics that resonate takes a lot of talent, but to do it at just 17-years-old is a massive feat. That’s the case for South Shield’s Sonny, and he’s only just getting started. In just one month he signed to Never Fade Record (Gabrielle Aplin, Saint Raymond) released debut single ‘Princess,’ which was featured in Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and began touring with Gabrielle Aplin.

On the 24th of March Sonny performed at his first headlining show at The Cluny in Newcastle, the same day of his debut EP release, and has secured three festivals, Live at Leeds, The Great Escape, and Dot to Dot. If this much momentum can be generated in a couple weeks, there is no doubt that 2017 will see much more of the songwriter.

His musical style cannot be constrained to one category. A little bit of R&B, indie, folk, country and soul, Sonny attributes his unique style to his parents’ eclectic taste. Meanwhile the use of minimal production gives his music a raw sound, displaying Sonny’s abundant talent in its purest form.

Having released his follow up, ‘Since We’ve Begun’ Sonny continued to present his style through soothing guitar groves, his soulful tone, and his extensive range. Although written quickly, ‘Since We’ve Begun’ was a distinctly mature sound and a remarkably honest take on love. Sonny’s first two tracks were precedents to his music expertise.

After achieving this much success with his first two tracks, Sonny now releases his third ‘Two To Tango,’ an electrifying rock influenced hit. Here Sonny’s voice is edgy, forceful, and robust. Moving away from his more minimalist sounds, Sonny brings a new energy we hadn’t heard from him before.

‘Two To Tango’ along with ‘Princess’ and ‘Since We’ve Begun’ is a part of his debut EP ‘Hopeless Romance’, which was recently released at the end of last month. The five track EP also includes two new tracks, ‘Wage A War’ and ‘Jodie’.

Sonny’s first three songs prove that he is able to craft songs that carry a signature sound and style, while exploring different genres. Additionally, his music’s authenticity is admirable, and will be increasingly sought after in an age of disconnected, screen-based relationships. His EP should only be another illustration displaying how multifaceted the singer-songwriter is.

Check out both ‘Hopeless Romance’ EP and live session of ‘Two To Tango’ below: