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Introducing: Babyteeth

Friday 05 May 2017
Words Alice Bell

Introducing London based punk band Babyteeth who oh so kindly gave us a premiere of their new track ‘Siamese Twin’. Happy Friday Folks.

Hey Babyteeth!! How are you all today?
Camilla: HIYA. Skint and hungover.


You guys are the most beautiful band, can you all introduce yourselves?
Camilla: Ahhh now you’ve made us blush. I do the singing and a bit of guitaring. Eilidh is the ultimate guitar hero, Amelia gives good bass, Samantha bangs the drums, and Sam is the master of guitar power chords.


Tell us about Babyteeth, where does the name come from?
Sam: We thought BABYTEETH would be a good name because we’ll probably fall out.
Camilla: We’re small but bitey. Not too hard, maybe just a little nibble.


Do you still have your first baby tooth?
Camilla: Nah, my mouth is huge. I could probably eat a whole baby.
Eilidh: No, I don’t. They were stolen by a fairy. Just because you’re a fairy, doesn’t make that acceptable.
Amelia: I still have a baby tooth or two. I don’t talk enough for my teeth to loosen.
Samantha: My mum keeps my baby teeth in a box somewhere like a weird fetish.


How did you all meet?
Sam: On Tinder!
Eilidh: The first time we met, we all went out for a quick drink. I ended up heading home at 5am, I knew it was meant to be.
Camilla: Party ponces.


So the track, it’s pretty awesome – give us some back story behind it….
Camilla: Thank you. Sam and I wrote it. It’s about that kind of unhealthy, obsessive love where you loose yourself. Become some messed up abscess, attached to someone else. Also about the external pressure women feel to change themselves physically to be loved and accepted.


If each of you could choose a Siamese twin, who would it be, and why?
Camilla: I’d just have a second head that made really good decisions.
Amelia: The Cheshire cat…life would be an interesting trip.
Samantha: Myself so I could have two of me.
Sam: Matthew Mcconaughey


I love that the music is very ‘fuck you’ music.
Camilla: Thanks! My lyrics are pretty angsty sometimes. I can only apologise in advance. We try for a good blend of anger and humour. Don’t wanna bum people out too badly.


You have a gig coming up, tell us more and what can we expect?
Camilla: Loud. Possibly some occasional fucking up…it’s our first ever gig! We’ll be attacking with full force. It’s at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney on Tuesday.


We can’t wait to see what’s coming next, til then Babyteeth! x

Follow the Babyteeth babes on Instagram and get tickets to the gig here