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Introducing: Cici Jack

Thursday 18 May 2017

We’re introducing the amazing artist Cici Jack, along with a premiere of her debut single ‘Island Vibes’. She’s approached the world by surprise with her refreshing take on alternative-pop and it’s here just in time for Summer.


Hey Cici, Love the single ‘Island Vibes’, It seems like the perfect single to listen to, right about now with Summer coming!

Thanks! 🙂


The name Cici Jack, where did this come from?

It came from where everything comes from… no idea where that is. It just pops into my head and if it feels right then it is. And it felt right.


What inspirations derive into your songwriting?

I hear a strong influence of alt-pop in the song.. – I’m inspired by everything that I hear, that I see, that I do. The song definitely plays with influences from Alt-pop artists, like Lykke Li and Feist.


Where in the world would you take yourself, with the lyrics in mind?

Today… I would take myself to Bermuda.


How did you and producer David Behan, work to create ‘Island Vibes’. Was it very much a hands-on process in your home studio?

Yeah, it was. David has a home studio and I’ve got a not so impressive one, so we were able to send stems and edits over to each other when we weren’t together, which is cool. We’ve done everything ourselves from start to finish, so it was very hands-on for sure, although David wouldn’t let me put my hands on him as much as I had hoped, haha.


What more is to come in the next few months?

I’ve got a few more tracks for you. They’re fun and if you buzz off ‘Island Vibes’ I reckon you’ll like these ones too.

Thanks for having me on your blog. I love it!


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