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Monday 01 May 2017

Introducing the intriguing and captivating singer and songwriter, GG. Born out of Russia, GG has come a long way to on her journey to stardom. The spellbinding singer, whose real name is Nastya Palchikova had her life turn upside down when she was 13 years old, her father was killed by the Russian mob and everything changed. Six months and a “downward spiral” later, GG ran away from home armed with little more than her cello and a handgun.

Surviving in an abandoned building with neither heat nor water she continued to attend school and practice her music whenever possible. Despite her struggle, GG refused to give up and overcame her disadvantages by graduating from Music College and winning a local music competition. She kept her creative juices flowing by studying scriptwriting.

With her life, back on track GG developed her first professional music project – a band called ‘Sukhie’. This lead her to become a familiar face in her home country, a national star. Now she is making a bold move on her own with what she describes as a “rather unexpected” new direction with English language recordings of chilled electronica. Describing what her music means to her, she responds: “A mix of good old everyday routine with an archaic madness flowing in the veins of each modern motherf***ker.”

If you like the sounds of The Knife, Little Dragon and Sia circa 2008 then you’ll love the creative powerhouse GG. She is set to release her debut solo single, and her first release in English, on May 5 with the hypnotic 4 Days. The track is fun, flamboyant and unconventional, just like the art-house video. We cannot wait to see what she has planned for her future releases.

GG’s tour dates have been released and what she describes as “a boiling ocean of positive energy filled with hungry, viral sharks of grieving sorrow” makes it a show for us hard to miss. Her way with words is as extraordinary as her life.

The single 4 Days is released on May 5. Check out the video


UK Live Dates:

21st – 22nd April – Russian festival

5th May: The Library

7th May: Allycats

13th May: Exeter Pride

4th – 8th June: Brockley Max Festival

30th June: Bristol Pride

19th Aug: Warwickshire Pride

26th Aug: TVW Stock Festival

2nd Sep: Hertfordshire Pride


Listen to the EP is on Soundcloud