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Introducing: L.A. PEACH

Monday 22 May 2017

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In the build up to the release of his debut EP, which is premiering right here on Spindle, Chiara and Pete grabbed some food with L.A. Peach and had a chat!
Listen below and check out what he had to say!

How did you start playing music?

I started out in a covers band, like everyone else, doing Blink 182 covers and stuff like that. Whenever I played an instrument I felt like “Oh this is fun, I feel like I can do this”. Like if you’re naturally good at drawings and you do a bunch of doodles, you just know it’s something you can do…
My uncle gave his guitar to me and my dad, so we could both learn and play music together, but we never ended up playing music together! We just ended up listening to stuff – A lot of Simon & Garfunkel and James Bond soundtracks.
So when I was 16 I got in a fight in high school, and as a result of that, I ended up dealing with agoraphobia, and I didn’t really leave the house for 6 months, I used to just sit in my dressing gown, burn incense, listen to Adele’s 19 on repeat, and play Football Manager.

L.A. Peach

So that’s about the time you picked up a guitar? 

I must have had a bad season on Football Manager or something, and I decided that I wanted to listen to rock music. I’m notoriously bad at learning songs; I just can’t do it coz my attention span is too short. I would always try to learn Nirvana songs, and there was one Nirvana song that I wanted to learn which was Something In The Way, because it’s just two chords throughout the whole. I learnt it and all I would play was that one song for ages.

I think I just get too excited and I don’t really like doing things with other people which is quite bad. I really struggle to do things at other peoples pace, when I do things at other people’s pace I need to eat, and then when I eat I get tired and then that’s my day over – it’s really tricky.

You say that you’ve got a short attention span, are you not worried that L.A. PEACH might… y’know… become boring? For you?

YES! I am… I am so worried about that. I wrote the songs a month/two months ago, shot the videos super quick, got it all ready – I just wanted to get it all done and out as soon as possible. I was talking to some friends and they were like “you should keep it under wraps”, “you should send it out to labels”, “you should do this, that, and the other…” But if I waited another month, I’d be bored and I’d be onto the next thing – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being like that – so my plan is get it all out now!

So when did you write the first batch of L.A. PEACH songs come about?

About a month, maybe 2 months ago

Was there an idea of a specific sound before hand? Did you think “oh I wanna do something like this” or did you just write some songs and then realise “oh I’ve got bunch of that sound like they would work together”?

So basically what happened was, I was really bored, and I couldn’t write music… I was in an existential funk that I could not get out of, so started to go back over music that I’d written AGES ago on an old Soundcloud account, and I found this electronic-y song, so I sent it to my friend who works for an electro/house collective…. and he wanted me to put an EP together, so he could put it out through one of the labels that worked with his company.
So I got my mum’s old macbook that had Garageband on it. We went for lunch (she’d just made a bunch of ceramic-ware for a restaurant in Bristol, so we met at the restaurant) and they made us a special vegan feast and I got… a free meal and a free laptop!
I brought it back down to my warehouse in London, and started to finish off an electronic EP, which sloooooowly turned into FIRST TIME, somehow.

L.A. Peach

You put a Live session up for first time last week, has it been hard translating the songs to a live setup?

A very good question. Obviously there’s a lot of vocals on the tracks, some of them there’s lots of layers, but at the moment I’m doing a sort of stripped back thing where it’s just myself and my friend Charlotte. She plays keyboard, and does backing vocals and guitar as well and that’s kinda cool because our voices go really well together.

But the most interesting thing, and I’m probably gonna regret saying this in an interview but when I was looking for someone to do the live stuff with me, I wasn’t thinking about female musicians, I was looking for a dude with a super high voice, and I was like “this just doesn’t fucking make sense.” And then when I thought about Charlotte it just completely clicked!

When I saw the live video I had this image in my head – coz I know that you live in a warehouse. I was like “Yeah he probably doesn’t have any furniture, he just sits on that little bike at his desk, like, that’s your chair.”

Yeah, sat on a tricycle writing a novel that’ll never get released… It was kinda weird, coz as I was walking it through the warehouse, there’s a long corridor to get to my room and I kinda realised as I was walking it through that it was like that scene in The Shining… Also, all the doors and walls in the warehouse are peach coloured, coincidentally.

L.A. Peach

You wrote and recorded the EP in your bedroom and you’re doing all the videos and pictures, everything there – it’s a really cool concept, it’s like this whole project is made in one room.

Yeah, I guess it is. The live video was in my room as well. All the videos thus far have been in my room, bar BARK, which was filmed in the garden.

If you move, the project loses its home too?

Yeah and it’s gotta move soon because the building was schedule to be knocked down a week ago. Luckily the plans fell through. It’s intense, you know, because it might happen soon, and I’ll have to re-home the whole project and I do worry that the reason why it’s as easy as it is, is because I’ve got this big room, this huge space to just mess about in. And the rent’s cheap…

Essentially L.A. PEACH has 2 band members: it’s me and my laptop. And I know that sounds like a weird or pretentious thing to say, but that’s who I jam with. Songs like BARK, and a couple of the songs I’m gonna be playing live, they were ad-libbed. I’d have the main theme, I’d record it, and I’d jam the structure and just mess about until a song came. Then I’d put vocals over the top. You know, I don’t actually own a microphone, so all the vocals are just recorded with me leaning over my laptop, and trying to make it sound good! If you listen closely to the EP you’ll notice these little ‘beep’ sounds in the background of the songs, and that’s because the smoke detector outside my room is broken. So I’d be half way through a vocal take and it’ll go ‘beep’ to remind us that we need to change the battery! But it’s super easy to write, easy to record, and easy to get it out.

EP1 is out on the 26th May through Hanger Records.
Catch L.A. Peach streaming a live session of the EP on their Facebook page on the day!

L.A. Peach