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Review: Marshall Headphones- Monitor

Friday 26 April 2013

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Words Lizzie

Audiophiles: Marshall have spawned yet another sound revolution with the release of their Monitor on-ear headphones.

Marshall has a strong back-catalogue of amplifiers, which were used by the most remembered and inspiring rock ‘n’ roll elite- the Who, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton (to name just a few). Now, Marshall has made another step into the unknown with their first on-ear headphones- Monitor. I was looking forward to testing these out and as soon as I opened the packaging I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Monitor offer the best of both worlds- sleek yet, solid design coupled with excellent sound. Yet another sound revolution from the masters Marshall has begun.



Quality sound has clearly been at the forefront of this creation. With the kick of a resonant, not too heavy bass, Monitor offers a wide soundstage that packs a lot of punch. The sound that is attributable to Marshall amps has somehow been transplanted into these headphones. What makes Marshall’s new creation so unique is the F.T.F. (felt treble filter system). Situated behind the removable ear cushion, this nifty feature enables you to choose your own sound experience. By keeping the F.T.F. insert in, you experience a more laid back and warm sound. However, if you really want to hear those screaming highs, take the F.T.F. insert out. Personally, I find the sound clearer and brighter without the F.T.F. insert, but I suppose the beauty of these headphones is you decide. As Marshall proclaim-  ‘sound is a personal thing’.

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Vinyl leather is embossed with the legendary white ‘Marshall’ white script logo, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps from which Marshall was born. Unlike most on-ear headphones, Monitor is slender, collapsible and compactable and sturdy- making them easily roadworthy. The ear cups are not only positioned on robust metal hinges, but easily fold up into a small, light, hand-sized bundle. If you are that worried about these sturdy beauties getting damaged, you can stow them away in the canvas-carrying pouch, which is included (a nice added touch).  Aesthetically, Monitor ticks all the boxes.



The coil cord that Monitor is supplied with is not only double ended and completely detachable but also features a mic and remote, which is extremely useful for the multitasker or iphone addict (the majority).  Additionally, the extra 3.55mm socket not only allows you to position the cable where you like but also enables you to share your music and be a bit more sociable when travelling on the dreaded tube.

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Marshall have created a masterpiece, which will allow individuals to experience real sound, comfort and quality. Monitor headphones offer a less base driven, better quality and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the red-cabled headphones that seem to have taken the world by storm. Definitely worth every penny.

Price: £180.00 available online.

Words: Lizzie Ashby