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GG live @ the library, London

Thursday 01 June 2017

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We got to see the fabulous GG perform her first live show in London. The gig was set in the quaint yet stylish bar called The Library. The atmosphere was lively and engaging, the perfect place to listen to acoustic performances. GG has an alluring aura about her and she is just captivating to watch. Her mannerism and movements while she performs are hypnotic, she is an all-round entertainer. We got to catch with GG before her show, we discussed the drop of her first single, her gig and vitas!


Where do you gain your musical influences from?

I think that musicians listen to music differently. Each song that I’ve ever listened to influences me. When I listened to songs, even if I don’t like it I think, oooo! What a wonderful bass or how have they recorded it for example. So each song is interesting for me.


When did your musical career start?

Well, I think it was when I was born, I played cello, keyboard and guitar and started to write songs. So I cant remember myself without music. It’s just always been in me.


So, when did you decide to become GG, to go solo?

I had a Russian band and it was almost solo, because I wrote the songs myself and as I’m very shy when I had other musicians around me I could say, “It’s not me, its not me, there are four of us” haha but then well, something just happened and I decided… “C’mon GG, now it’s time”. It’s a great responsibility of course, but I feel better.


How do you describe your musical style?

In iTunes it’s written that it’s alternative, I think that contemporary music is really a great mix of genres. I would say maybe electro-pop with a touch of rock, a touch of soul


They say that we are all products of where we come from, how do you think coming from Russia has shaped you and influenced your music?

I think that Russian musicians have great melodies, I think it goes into your blood. Its in the way we structure and write songs, it’s something your always feel.


 So, this is not your first visit to the UK, what do you like about it and what keeps bringing you back?

Well I studied in an English school and I think I knew everything about London before I came here. I just love London, I feel very at home here I don’t know why haha because there are no reasons but I just do. It’s so weird that when you write songs in English, of course English is not my native language, I find there’s so much more freedom in it. It seems to be that I can share and tell everything I want and I can express myself better.


I’m a big fan of vitas, I think he’s so cool, his voice and music videos are amazing, are you a fan of his?

Oooo! Yes, I like his voice very very much. I think Vitas also has some problems with the strong formulas in Russia, because you have to be very pop! But yes, his voice!


So, your single comes out today! Are you excited for it to be out?

Ahhh, yes my single and ep! My single is called ‘Four Days’ and my ep also four days.


What was your inspiration behind the track?

 It was all so weird. I’ve been here in London and the ep was released by Eddy Atlantis, a wonderful and talented musician. We did three songs in three days. Joe told me ‘Come Nastya, just make some songs’ and now I’m here in the studio with Eddy, what’s going on?! haha. I just came into the studio and it was out of nowhere. So 1 day, 1 song!


Hearing the wonderful tracks from her EP live at the Library was a real treat. It was such a delight chatting with GG, we can’t wait to see what GG has in store for us next. Listen to the EP on iTunes and Soundcloud