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Introducing: BITS ~ BLU AND REX

Tuesday 27 June 2017

“BITS, comes from brother and sister. We also got the name from the little bits and pieces of our lives that we incorporate into our music. BITS is fun, funky, honest, pop music. Blu is playing slap bass on every song, Rex is singing, all the lyrics are very relatable and true to us.”

When did your interest in music begin?

Rex: I was 10 when I started playing drums.

Blu: I was 7, when Rex started with drums so I wanted to play an instrument, too. Guitar was too generic, so I chose bass. My bass was taller than me for a while.

So you guys started playing music around the same time?

R: Yeah, it was always in the house.

B: My dad is a visual artist, and many of his pieces include music.

R: We’ve really taken music upon ourselves and kept playing, taking lessons, studying other genres.


Would you say that music is what you want to pursue?

R: Yeah we’re already doing it!


Why did you decide to make a brother sister duo instead of separate acts?

R: So the band is called BITS. We’ve always been doing stuff together;  bands in high school, making music together, helping each other out while performing.


You guys did a residency in Japan, how was that and how did that come about?

R: Blu and I have been DJing in New York for a while, and the club owners were opening up a new place, and they wanted New York DJs for Christmas and New Year’s eve. They asked us to come out, and we had a great time. It was in Niseko, Hokkaido; Northern Japan.

B: It was three weeks, playing every night, and the best way to get better is to play every night. The point is to play to the crowd, so you need to learn how to read the crowd.


How would you describe your relationship with each other?

B: We’re very supportive of each other. If I’m doing a set that’s just me, Rex will always be there and help me bring my equipment.

R: We’re very close, Blu is maybe a little bit more competitive, but it’s healthy. There’s a very natural connection between us because we’re brother and sister. When Blu’s DJing, even though she’s one person, she can text me and I’ll tell her if it sounds good or if she needs to turn her bass up, and give her some input on crowd reactions to songs. One person with the perspective of two.

What did you grow up listening to?

R: When we started playing music we played all the classic rock songs; Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, ACDC. We love David Bowie, Prince, Radiohead, etc.

B: I started to get into the funk stuff for slap bass, and now that’s what I listen to. Late 70s-early 80s, that’s my favorite type of music. When we write our original music you can definitely hear influences from everything like funk, rock, pop. I would say that we respect every genre of music.



Artists you’d like to collaborate with?

B: I would love to play with all the great funk classics like Marcus Miller, Nile Rodgers and Chic. I’d love to sit in and listen or jam with all my favorite bass players.

Are you trying to build up your social media, and make that a part of your image?

B: Our original music that we write that isn’t out yet, is funny culturally aware; New York inspired. Already, social media is a big part of that because a lot of the songs feature lyrics about social media. Instead of shunning social media we want to use it to tell our story.

Do you have a date for when BITS will have their debut?

R: Yeah, we’re working really hard to put together an amazing live show as soon as possible. For now, you can check out our new music video here: 


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