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Introducing: JIL

Friday 09 June 2017

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The New York City based Psychedelic-Electronic-R&B group JIL, is debuting their new single ‘Virgin Atlantic’ today. We had the pleasure of catching up with JIL at their music studio. 

Listen below and check out what they had to say!

Whenever I’ve heard JIL perform or I listen to your music, I feel as if I’m hopping in a spaceship. Where does the whole space vibe originate from?

JAY: We associate ourselves with space, it comes from wherever we just came from.

LOU: We’re all spacey, and we ask a lot of questions.

J: Our focus is definitely time travel.


Is that where the white jumpsuits come in?

J: It’s definitely a part of why we’ve continued to do something like that, try to be unified in what it is we’re wearing.

L: That actually came from one moment when we actually wanted to seem like we came from outer space.

You guys had KidSuper make the jumpsuits, how did that come about?

J: It was a good ole Brooklyn thing. It all started when I posted a video of EYE in the studio wearing one of his pieces to the JIL account, and he commented on the pants, and we told him how we loved his jumpsuits.

L: We went to his studio, and we showed him the “All Your Words” music video and he freaked out.

J: We respect him because of how he brands himself, and how he gets himself out there.

FERN: We got the suits at five in the morning the night before we left for tour, it was extremely last minute.

What were you guys doing before JIL?

F: I was in school, I was friends with LOU and was familiar with a bunch of other projects that he was working on. I kept up with them via LOU sending me music, and I thought it was amazing. I was a fan before I was a collaborator.

L: The three of us went to High School together, we’ve known each other since we were fourteen. JAY and I met in a composition class. The next year EYE joined the class, and he was a young piano genius.


What other projects are you guys involved in right now besides JIL?

J: We all mess around with ONYX collective a lot. We all work with Exit Sound, and The Illuzion.

L: I work a lot with Scott James. We also work with OSHUN, they have this insane positive energy together as a synergistic duo.

J: We got on the Maggie tour because LOU wrote songs with her.


Initially JIL was 3 guys who met in high school, why was a fourth person added in?

L: We were struggling to sequence everything live and make it the size of the records, and we were working together all the time so he knew all the songs as well as we did.

How was that to add another member in?

J: It was quite natural.

Artists you’d love to collaborate with?

Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, FKA Twigs, Kevin Parker, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Future, Thom Yorke, Floating Points, D’Angelo.

Who made the single cover for Virgin Atlantic?

L: A Finnish artist, Morumotto.

What was the inspiration behind Virgin Atlantic?

EYE: It started as an idea I had on an airplane flight.

For your music video, All Your Words, what was the concept behind it, what were you trying to say?

L: Anton Tammi did a video with Bruce Smear, Pick & Roll, and Bruce played Anton some of our music and it brought Anton to something he had been sitting on for a while. The only thing we knew going into it, was that it would be a play on a dark dream a girl has while sitting on the subway.

J: The whole thing really was meeting oneself.

What inspired instead of making just a music video, to make a short film?

L: Shooting went so well that we decided to make a longer project, we had seventeen hours of footage. Everything we had going into it was abstract guidelines.

E: That’s what was so exciting about working with Anton, he had all these ideas and feelings but he hadn’t quite found the word. It’s very similar to how we make music, feelings and then finding the word after.

F: There was a lot of trust, and he gave us a lot of room to work on the audio aspect.

L: We got really lucky with the DP, Erik Henriksson, everything he gave Anton was usable.

Your live performance is an iconic part of your group, what was the process of putting together your live performance?

E: You see, I’ve had this obsession, it’s this thing that keeps me up at night, when I play I want it to be as live as possible.

L: Basically what inspired the live set was trying to have that amount of sonic power at our fingertips.

E: We all come from backgrounds of playing live music together. When we play the shows it’s most comfortable for us to have as many live elements as possible. You don’t feel constrained, also it really helps us get into the zone while performing.


You recently got off your first tour with Maggie Rogers, what was your favorite city?

F: Montreal was an amazing show because we didn’t know what to expect, the way that the audience received us at that show was surprisingly amazing. Boston was like a homecoming show.

What are your plans for the future?

J: We have to try our hardest not to discourage each other and stay focused. Put a record out, keep working. Blow New York up with all our friends.

L: This summer we’ll be hosting the Concrete Series from July 10th-July 15th, outside of the Bowling Green subway station.