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Ruen Brothers

Friday 02 June 2017

Happy Friday! Being the second single to be dropped before their forthcoming album, ‘Genevieve, Come Out Tonight’ is an uplifting, summer-anthem-to-be that is a catchy and contagious way for the Ruen Brothers to further their musical journey.

This new single is both nostalgic and modern. With the use of scratchy guitar riffs, a drum beat that you can’t help but start bouncing along to, and lyrics that recall a crazy, city night-out; ‘Genevieve’ is a track that fans of both Dexys Midnight Runners’ ‘Come On, Eileen’ and Bleachers’ ‘Rollercoaster’ could rock out to.

The Ruen Brothers first caught the world’s attention in 2013 when their video for their single ‘Aces’ – shot 100% on an iPhone – caught the eye of BBC1’s then radio host, Zane Lowe. Lowe went on to play the brothers’ track back-to-back-to-back three times over. Their follow-up single, ‘Walk Like a Man’, from their debut EP ‘Blood Runs Wild’, was praised by Lowe as, “the hottest record in the world”. Their biggest break came, however, when they were noticed by legendary producer, Rick Rubin…The rest is history. Since then, the duo have played Glastonbury Festival, Coachella, and rubbed elbows with modern, big-name artists such as Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. With a growing track record like that, these two brothers have nowhere to go but up. We caught up with our pals Hen and Ru to find out more about the new single…

How are you on this New York sunny day?
We are great thanks! Excited that our new single is out there for everyone to hear. Always a good time to be had when the sun is shining, NYC is glorious on a sunny day!
So tell us about the new single, who is Genevieve? And did she come out?
Genevieve was Jenevieve and we’ve managed to persuade her to come out tonight. Everyone has had a moment on a night out when they’ve really wanted someone to join them for a fun time. This song is for the coaxers out there!
How did the collaboration with Chad from RHCP come about?
Chad played drums on a record we made with Rick Rubin and we’ve been friends since. We were living in LA last year and working on some new music at a studio on Abbot Kinney Blvd; he came down to the session and joined us on drums and kazoo – we had pizza and rocked this out!
The single  artwork is amazing – Ru did you design it?
Thanks so much, I did. I’ve always enjoyed designing. Playing around with flamingos and skylines while Henry strings guitars and shops for hairspray is a win.
There’s lots of Flamingo action on your insta and on your single  artwork – tell us more…
Times are getting summery and we’ve always associated flamingos with summer and our road trips to the South of France on holiday. They’re pretty magical little creatures – they change colour when they eat things. We still haven’t decided whether we interpret the flamingo in our artwork as ‘Genevieve’ or as a cheeky rascal trying to coax her out.
Tell us what’s coming up next, we hear you’ll be at Bonaroo Festival?
So we’re opening up for the brilliant Ten Fé on June 6th at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, before heading to Bonnaroo Festival where we’ll be performing on Saturday, June 10th. We have a very cool special guest getting up for a song with us there, so if any of you guys are going, come check us out at the ‘New Music On Tap Stage’ at 4:45pm. There will be another single following in a few weeks which we are really excited about too!

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