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Zoe Bradley + Galeria Melissa: Neon Garden

Tuesday 20 June 2017

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Galeria Melissa
43 King St, London. WC2E 8JY
16 Jun 2017 – 15 Aug 2017

Acclaimed British paper artist Zoe Bradley has collaborated with Galeria Melissa for her latest installation, creating a vibrant and bold collection of exotic oriental inspired paper flowers, welcoming viewers into a sanctum of femininity in the form of a ‘Neon Garden.’
We caught up with Zoe to discuss her memories and thoughts about the creative world she’s in!

How do you remember yourself at the very beginning of your career? 

I was always drawn to artists and designers that were creating unusual spectacles namely Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo. After graduating from Middlesex University in 1997 I went on to train as an apprentice with fashion designer Alexander McQueen. My role there grew and I worked closely with McQueen and was exposed to many collaborators during my time there. It was an invaluable experience, one that fuelled my own ambition to create my own challenging works of art.

What’s the first memory you have in terms of fashion and also art?
What made you think “That’s what I want to do!”?

It would have to be the showpieces I created for the AW 05/06 collection for Michiko Koshino. I produced three pieces in paper – a pleated swimsuit, an oversized pleated mohican head-dress and a hand stitched ruffle dress on a wicker frame. It was the first time I sculpted paper into a wearable garments, and the show got a standing ovation. I craved this sense of spectacle and theatre in a fashion platform.

What made you decide to work with paper?

I’ve always been fascinated with form and texture, I didn’t have access to expensive fabrics when I graduated so I explored materials that imitated them. inspired by found materials newspaper, magazine, I love to be challenged by materials and there potential.

What’s your relationship with the world you’re working in? 

My aim is to inspire and encourage potential artists to create art that crosses the boundaries of fashion art and theatre.