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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Burt’s Bees, the self-described “hands-on, tree-hugging, greased elbow do-gooders” brand, are saving the bees.

“A world without bees,” says Burt’s Bees, “is a world without flowers.” To educate us about the endangerment of bees and their shrinking population, Burt’s Bees has made a short film. It’s a striking slant; in it, they open a flower shop, but as the customers meander, browse and buy, the flowers around them disappear. The flowers are a staggering metaphor for the bees; a powerful, poignant real-life representation of what we are usually only shown through facts. By showing the flowers shrink, disappear – or in one case, an entire wall pirouettes, leaving just empty pots without bloom – we realize just how cheerless, uncolored and somber that world without bees would be. To put it into perspective, according to the video, bees pollinate 1/3rd of the world’s food – yikes!

But, the bees can be saved. Burt’s Bees has a new campaign, #BringBackTheBees. Banded with Winnie Harlow, who appears in the short film, when one #BringBackTheBees coconut & pear lip balm is bought, Burt’s Bees will plant 5,000 wildflower seeds.

You can also share your #SelflessSelfie to help bring back the bees. So far, there’ve been 3,245,000 wildflowers pledged, but the number is blossoming.

“Just say bees!”