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HAVARD PUNK’D: Christopher Lowman Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Christopher Lowman showed his Spring/Summer 2018 line on July 10th at Restaurant At Rose Hill, inside the HGU New York Hotel. The models are in a room, which isn’t unlike a library; a bookish backdrop that might’ve been orchestrated because of the “modern college student” the collection was drawn from. But as the inspiration is really more about the emotions, real-life realities, and physical/mental symptoms of that “modern college student” that might abet the likelihood of becoming a college dropout, the collection, called ‘HARVARD PUNK’D’ is gritty rebel-with-a-cause classic.

The clothes, worn by models who’re slackly, but strategically, sitting or posing, are within the province of Ivy League. There’re Loafers, khakis, V-necks, worn on lanky square-jawed models with horn-rimmed glasses; but it’s the minutiae, the fine points in how cardigans are worn without shirts, the denim-on-denim, camo-on-camo, gold chains and ripped cut-offs that fraternizes ‘classic’ with a poetic new wave POV.

Paired with Lowman’s works are collaborations with New Balance – the 574 Sport which will be available for purchase July 15th – Currency NY, Vivid Eyewear, Citizen and Angela Mitchell.

            Photo Credit: Geremy Dubensky 

Do you have a fashion motto?

Stick to what the identity of the brand is and always make sure to create that badass hardcore look that I always try to go for and yeah, that’s really always the motto for me.

Can you describe your creative process?

Yeah, it’s very difficult sometimes. Usually, I try to get inspiration through personal experiences. Like, this collection came from a personal experience I went through when I was in college, when I wanted to drop out and I eventually did drop out to, you know, to start my own line and to intern – intern and start my own line. So, you know, the inspiration always – and sometimes even films, like the last collection AW17 was inspired by the film The Outsiders, which is like one of my favorite movies – that’s where this jacket is from [Lowman is wearing a metallic silver bomber/baseball jacket] AW17. So yeah, movies, personal experience, other friend’s experiences – that’s usually always the process when I design.

How did you get into fashion?

Uh, since I was young – I was about 13/14 years old, I knew exactly like, you know, I wanted to get into it. I always dressed up really nice and always got compliments on my style. So at about, uh, my junior year of high school that’s when I knew – ‘okay, I’m either going to be a stylist or a designer’. By the end of senior year, I found I really wanted to be a designer. I started interning for a few big name companies and then, in the midst of interning, I started my own line. So I made my first two samples – which wasn’t really a collection, it was just like pieces just thrown out there into the public. That way they could get a feel of who I am and what the identity of the brand is and yeah. That’s how it started.

Is there any part of your job that you don’t like?

No, I love everything! Yeah, there’s nothing I can say I dislike. I really love everything. The creative process can be very challenging at times – because it’s, like, you get into a zone and it’s hard to get out of it so you kinda, you know, lose sight of what else is going on in the world. But for the most part, I love everything.

Would you have any advice for someone who’s trying to get where you are?

Stay true to who you are. Find your identity. Read and study and learn so much about the industry because it’s not easy. It took me a while to get to where I am now and I’m still growing! So reading – read, read, read and learn from The Greats. Learn from who’s better than you at your craft and surround yourself with great people, that way you can adopt that mentality and take it onto yourself. That’s my philosophy, so.