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Fashion Film Friday: ‘Playmate’

Friday 21 July 2017

Playmate is a fashion film crafted by the amazing director and writer Jam Patel. In this short we are transcended to a dreamy and fanciful world, a world where everybody dresses impeccably and the Dot Cotton hairstyle is in.

Jam tells us a tale of Candy, a girl seeking a friend. She brings a mannequin to life, marking the beginning of their crazy adventure. Candy and Cherry delve into the world of what it means to be human. They are excited by this new life in Margate, however Cherry seems to be getting a little carried away.  Her cheeky and youthful behaviour causes a stir in the town, causing them to battle out this power struggle leaving a bittersweet end.

What makes this film a hit is the charming story line and comical acting, plus we couldn’t take our eyes off the stunning Chanel outfits from start to finish. it’s sometimes hard to categorise what a fashion film is, but this flic embodies it perfectly. A great addition to Spindle’s Fashion Film Friday collection.




tumblr_od8cnlbr9c1tlsaxlo2_1280.jpg playmatespindlemagazine.jpg


Director: Jam Patel

Fashion Stylist: Sarah Cobb

Hair Stylist: Roku Roppongi

Make up Artist: Anita Keeling

Models: Kitty Hayes & Antonia Haswell

DOP: Diana Olifirova

Film Editor: Joshua

Casting Director: Rebecca Knox

Prop Stylist: Emma Winter

Production Manager: Lana Vanzetta