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Interview with Allie X

Thursday 13 July 2017

Hi Allie, how are you? Could you introduce yourself?

I’m good, enjoying my day. I’m Allie X, a multimedia artist, I work within the concept of X, I’m searching to find my full self and I will be X until that happens.

How would you describe your sound? How did you develop it?

It’s electronic detune dream pop. Allie X came from years of experimentation, and learning how to produce.


Where does the name Allie X derive from?

I’ve been a very confused person of who I really am. Becoming Allie X takes away from the pressure of having to know, and you fill in the empty spaces with the possibility of anything.

Your music videos have a surreal vibe to them, how involved are you in the creative process for your visuals?

I’m super involved in everything, very controlling in a good and bad way. I’m not a visual artist, but I’m good at curating and I know exactly what I want, and I can mood board. I’ve worked with very talented artists, and I have a lot of photographers and directors that I like to work with.


Do you have a specific team you work with?

Not really, it’s more of a pool of people. I shot both the CollXtion I and CollXtion II art with Eddie Chacon, he’s very good with the sterile, abstract, clean look. I work with Jungle George, he takes most of my pictures for Instagram, he’s more into the glitchy lo-fi abstract. I like to do my research for who I want to work with.


Your music video CATCH was a whole GIF, where did that idea come from?

That was Jérémie Saindon, who’s a French Canadian director, that was a lot of mood boarding and inspired by a lot of photography that we’ve referenced. It had a lot to do with the lyric content of the song. I always feel drawn to GIFs because it’s such a strong image, but there’s so much that isn’t being said and there’s a lot left to the imagination.

Who are your biggest influences?

I’m very influenced visually, like Kubrick, Polanski. I like to start there when I’m thinking about my project and the scope of it, and picture what it looks like. I read a lot of Murakami when I was working on my first songs and I love surrealism, I like to call it surreality, where it almost feels surreal but it’s in the real world. I’m also drawn to the tumblr aesthetic.


What was the inspiration behind your new record CollXtion II?

It’s about looking at all the pieces of who you are in this moment, and trying to understand how you got to be this person you are. Personally for me, I do feel confused about who I am and what has been there all along and what has been informed by pain and experiences and trying to reconcile that. Each song is a piece of me, whether it is a memory, dream, fantasy, or reality. Just trying to put it all together and fill in all these empty spaces with this idea of X.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I want to have my record heard by as many people as possible and connect to as many fans as I can. I want to have a high standard of art and push the boundaries, also make work that’s relevant that  can help people.