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Interview with Meg Mac

Friday 07 July 2017

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Get to know Aussie artist Meg Mac with our interview below! She touches upon touring with D’Angelo, her debut album, “Low Blows”, which will be released on July 14th, and some of her secrets for thrift shopping.

When did your love for music begin?

I’ve always liked singing, but it wasn’t till I was about 17 that I started discovering playing piano and writing songs. That’s when I got obsessed with music and wanting to actually pursue it.

How was it to tour with D’Angelo, and how did such an opportunity occur?

I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but that was one of those most inspiring experiences I’ve ever had. I hadn’t had much experience playing in America, touring and driving around. It was a huge learning experience for me, I just had to soak up every moment.

Are there any noticeable differences from when you perform in front of an American audience in comparison to an Australian audience?

In America, I was the supporting act so people didn’t really know who I was. When in Australia, however, I get to do my own shows and people know my songs. So it was very different to perform in front of people who had never heard my songs. Usually when I start singing, everything goes away; I love performing and doings shows, no matter what I always enjoy it. It’s very different being a supporting act, especially to someone like D’Angelo.

Are you the one that begins the writing process for all your songs?

Yes, I tend to write very privately, I don’t like anyone to hear me. I write on the piano, and then I take my songs to the studio with the piano and the vocals, and we start from there. I’m playing most of the piano on the album.


What was the inspiration behind your new album Low Blows

I wanted to keep the album really close to me and my songs. I started all the songs on piano, and then we based everything around the piano and vocals. I made the album in Texas, and we wanted to give everything loads of energy. I like the feeling of the songs sounding live, so it wouldn’t be that different from when we perform live.

Who do you listen to to get inspired when composing?

When I was making the album, I was listening to older music. It’s hard to listen to current music when I’m trying to make something else. I’m really inspired by Bob Dylan and Otis Redding.

I read that you love to thrift shop, or op-shopping as it’s called in Australia. What do you look for when you’re thrifting?

If you go in with a plan, you’re always disappointed. So I usually just go through heaps and heaps. When I dedicate myself to a rack, almost every time I find something. A lot of what I wear for shows, I found in a thrift or vintage store.

Has there been a specific moment where you’ve stopped and thought to yourself, “wow I’ve come so far”?

Definitely when I was in America, and I realized how many cities I had been to. I never thought when I was writing songs in my bedroom that I would get to sing those songs in another country. I saw so many different cities that I had only heard about in movies, and next thing I knew I was performing there.

What was your favorite city you visited on tour?

I didn’t spend enough time in cities to really explore, so I judged my favorite cities by my favorite shows. Atlanta and Detroit were my favorites.

Where do you want to be within the next year?

Everything right now is focused on the album, and there’s an Australian tour coming up at the end of the year. I want to do as many shows as possible, it’s the reason I do all of this. I love playing shows.