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Premiere: Boba K – What She’s Like’ (Just Us Remix)

Thursday 06 July 2017

To say we’re in love with Boba K and her modernistic pop sound would be an understatement. The rising talent, who has recently relocated to London from Ukraine, hit our radar with debut single ‘What She’s Like’, and we’ve been sold ever since. We caught up with Ms K to talk music and life, as well as bringing you an exclusive play of the Just Us remix of the track.

What was your route into music? Has it always been a passion for you?

My route into music developed through performing for people. I would create plays for my Grandma, and would pretend to dance Tango at the age of 4 whilst my Grandpa would play guitar. From the age of 7 I started to take singing lessons and never wanted to stop.

Can you remember the first song you ever heard, or the first track you purchased with your own pocket money? 

The first song I heard was ‘Big Big World’ by Emilia and the first album I bought was by Britney Spears. I still go back and listen to them now as I have the CD’s. I even still have a Walkman as I don’t like to throw things away.

You seem fairly well travelled – where is your favourite place to visit?

I have two favourite places. I absolutely loved South Africa, it was breath taking and I also loved Italy, it’s so beautiful and I really love pasta!

you’re living in London now. What are your favourite places to visit in the city?

I’d say The National History Museum is my favourite place in London, because of the dinosaurs. There is something about them that reminds me of my childhood. I used to see them in movies and they are the creatures that I wish that I could see alive. I also love the Tower of London because I love it’s history.

What is a typical day in the life of Boba K?

My life revolves around music. Every day I write, go to the studio and if i’m not doing that then i’m having singing lessons. I also like to work out a lot. I love Boxing and running too. I have just started following The Body Coach, I love his workouts.

We’re loving your new single. Can you tell us the process behind writing it? What’s it about?

It was written in Sweden on my first writing camp and it was the first song that we did. I remember trying to explain that I like a dark sound but with an upbeat tempo. When I heard it in the evening, I loved it straight away. It’s about a girl who caught her other half cheating on her, so she decided to make fun of him because she knows her worth.

Who did you work with on the production of the track?

I love the fact that the music industry is built on collaboration. I work with all sorts of different people as I find it inspiring and it helps me to express my creativity. I’ve written in Sweden, Denmark and the UK and I hope to go to LA soon to write

Would you say that ‘What She’s Like’ is the typical Boba K ‘sound’? What else can we expect from forthcoming releases?

The single is a happy version of a BOBA K track. My sound will probably develop into more of a dark pop sound with inspirational and strong lyrics. I think Lorde does this really well.

If you could collaborate with any other artist on one of your singles, who would it be, and what do you think that track would sound like? 

I love Anne-Marie, her voice is incredible and I think she’d be a laugh to work with, although with her karate background I wouldn’t want to get in to a fight with her. The track that we would make would have lots of energy and lots of passion.

What is your preferred social media platform and why?

Instagram is where it’s at. I love watching people’s style, where they travel to and publishing my own pictures too. When I went to Coachella, I wanted everyone to know. I also like seeing who has been looking at my Instagram stories.

How do you think you, as an artist, would fare without the use of social media in your career? Is it a help or a hindrance?

I think that it’s a help, of course but if I didn’t have it I would get out there and gig non-stop. Maybe starting in the UK and then heading to Ukraine selling CD’s as I go. I would like to do that now actually.

If there was one track that you wish you had written, what is it? 

I wish I had written ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. It’s a really beautiful track and doesn’t sound like anything else. It’s really dramatic and cinematic. Imagine performing it live with an Orchestra?!

Festival season is upon us. What festival is on your bucket list to perform at?

Glastonbury would be incredible, especially the Pyramid Stage. Imagine the view as you look out and all the artists who have played there over the years.

Where are you favourite places to shop and what brands do you love to wear?

I’ve just discovered Depop and I love scrolling through and looking at my favourite designers. I’m going to start selling some stuff on there too.