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Introducing: ORIION

Wednesday 05 July 2017
Words Bee Adamic

Oriion is an artist whose nomadic reality is clearly evident in his music; much of his adult life was spent between LA, NY and home (that is Berlin). It was these memories of travels and love experiences, along with a formative diet of pop greats; Sade, Prince, Daft Punk and Queen that shaped his diverse set of influences, spanning several decades.


We interview ORIION to get an inside into his creativity, his dream artist collaborations and see how the rest of the year is set out with music releases.


Hi Oriion! Congrats on releasing your new single ‘Live Another Lie’, its great! Can you tell us about how the lyrics came together?


Hi Spindle, and thank you so much!

Great question – how to explain that? How do you explain a heartbreak, if you know what I mean? It had reached a crucial point where I decided that this story has to be told as a way of processing and coming to terms with what was happening in the moment. I thought to myself, this is how I am going to and express my heartbreak – through Live Another Lie. It is not necessarily about blaming someone but an exploration and question of perspectives, not just mine, but also the one that broke my heart and their new partner.


What is the music scene like in Berlin? Is it a great music scene to be part of?


Berlin is a fantastic city which has a lot to offer. Musically, artistically, fashion wise, and culturally, it’s an exciting place to be creatively! Whether I am a part of the music scene is more difficult to say. I moved here in 2015 – my producer and management are based here so it made sense for me to make that transition. I would consider myself a hybrid without restriction and label. Being here gave me the opportunity to explore the electro elements to my music while allowing me to look at the music scene I am living within from a different perspective.


Can you tell us about the gripping story behind the video?


Let’s keep this very condensed which is important. At face value, the story is about a young girl living with a guy who ultimately put her through that lie. We see her arguing with this person and seeking escape. The red car is symbolic of what she is working towards, building hope and a means to get away. The use of the red jacket serves to enhance, its symbolism of the colour use itself – danger, warning, stop, love, passion. The ambiguity runs deep across these thematic elements and Spindle readers will just have to watch and make their own minds up about where they think the story evolves.


Why did you decide to not be featured in it?


For me there are two very clear reasons. Firstly, the decision was made on my part. Although my story, I wanted someone else to embody it, see a different perspective. Perspectives seems to be a running theme here! I wanted to see how the viewpoint of the person that hurt me would play out. Thus, leading on to my second point – as a conclusion, this led to me finally forgiving myself through understanding how this person had treated me. I finally found my resolution.


The song blends sounds of 80’s influences and contemporary pop. Did you have a deep role in the production of the track?


I am a music artist and I think this is an important point to make clear. I wrote this song with room for collaboration. Pretty much all the songs you will hear are coproduced by me with my producer Oscar Lindahl. It’s a very collaborative process where we are a team sitting in the studio, arranging the song, structure, rhythm etc. Saying that, I have a very clear vision of what I want from each song which is the ultimate driving force.


Who are the artists you grew up listening to and inspire your music?


Hmmmm, that’s a hard question. I grew up with a lot of 80s music – Sade, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Cece Peniston, Janet Jackson and many others. Let’s say what inspired me to go towards my music direction is not necessarily about the music I listen to, but rather the everyday, such as being in Berlin, surrounded by certain people, being inspired by certain situations and reflecting on past experiences. I would say it is most definitely an amalgamation of a lot of factors coming together.


What plans do you have for the rest of the year? More single releases?


Definitely more single releases, plans for another two singles followed by an EP. Planning for well into 2018, so keep watching, listening and following!


Are there any new artists you recommend we check out?


I have been holed up at the studio recently. However, electro/house duo Bob Moses is something that caught my eye and Alicia Keys’ new album is definitely worth a listen. Perhaps Spindle readers can give me a few recommends?


If you had to select the album that’s meant the most to you; which would it be and why?


That’s easy. The Best of Sade. I grew up with her voice, I never get tired of the album and I hear something new every time I listen to it. A staunch presence in my life.



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