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Introducing: Tayla

Thursday 20 July 2017

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Not content with being hailed as one of the ‘most exciting new talents’ by The Guardian, rising star Tayla is ready to shake up the industry, snatch the crown and reclaim the throne. Debut single ‘Call Me Danger’ was released to mass applause and new cut ‘Coming Back Around’ is set to follow suit.

Ahead of her performance at Selfridges ‘Music Matters’ night on July 26th, we sat down with our favourite new popstar to talk music, 2Pac and how to be a complete bad-ass.

You’re originally from Birmingham – how do you think the city has shaped you as an artist

I wouldn’t say Birmingham has shaped me, but my upbringing and my life traits have. For me being brought up in some of the roughest parts of Birmingham and being around cold violence, but at the same time being around a strong loving family is what shaped me as a artist.

Your debut track ‘Call Me Danger’ was a brilliant introduction to you – how did you feel about the response it got from fans and media?

The response I got back was everything I wanted to hear, but something I just didn’t expect from everyone. The fact that people are still hyping over ‘Call Me Danger’ is mind blowing, but makes it all worth it.

Do you feel a sense of pressure to follow-up the track with something even bigger?

Oh the pressure is always there, and the fact that I’ve got loads of eyes on me right now watching my next move is pressure. But I know that I’ve got bangers upon bangers that are ready to go, all in good time though.

Tell us more about the new single – we love it here at Spindle HQ?

‘Coming Back Around’ is a track that I wrote and recorded with two cool and crazy talented guys, Linden Jay and Fred Cox. It’s pretty much about having that one family member, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, that gets pleasure out of seeing you fail at something your good at or love, but instead of it killing you, it powers you to keep doing your thing.

The video is pretty epic for the track – was it as dangerous as it looks when filming it?

You know what, for me it was more thrilling than dangerous, but that’s only because I’m a thrill junkie. I had so much fun filming it though, I loved it!!

What are the last 3 tracks that you listened to?

Halsey – ‘Now Or Never’, Jessie Reyez – ‘Gatekeeper’, 2pac & Biggie – ‘Senorita’ Remix.

If you had to listen to one track for the rest of you life, which would be it and why?

Gun to my head, it would have to be ‘Biggie – Juicy’, because his the O.G, and whenever it gets played it always feels like the sun’s out burning hot, and I love the sun.

If you had to write a song by another artist, which one would you love to claim?

Pink – ‘You Make Me Sick’, only because when I first heard it, I fell in love with it and instantly owned the fuck out of it word for word, like the song was mine.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and what do you think the track would sound like?

It has to be Eminem. And if magic was a sound, that’s how it would sound.

We saw you at Sink The Pink and you’re playing Selfridges ‘Music Matters’ night next week – what can we expect from your live shows?

I’m so excited for this one. As well as bad-ass songs, you can expect loads of mad energy and working the crowd as much as possible.

If you were curating your very own festival, who would be the headliner?

If he was still alive, hands down 2Pac.

What brands and designers do you love at the moment? What can you be seen wearing?

When it comes to brands or designers there’s no long or short list, I literally love anything that looks cool, sexy, bad-ass and different. One day I’ll be wearing an Adidas jumper dress, or Levi skinny jeans and then find out that I cut them up to switch a look up. Recently I’ve found myself tailoring my own clothes just to make them more unique.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

It’s between Instagram or Snapchat. They are definitely the two apps I go to before I go sleep and as soon as I wake up. I also feel it’s the best way for me to connect with my supporters.

Aside from the live shows, what else does 2017 hold for you?

More singles, visuals and possibly an EP release before the end of the year.