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Review: Joan Cornellà’s NYC Solo Exhibition

Wednesday 19 July 2017

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Barcelona-born cartoonist and illustrator, Joan Cornellà, has his first solo exhibition in New York at Josée Bienvenu Gallery in Chelsea. On view from now until the end of the month, the show is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of this dark satirist. His work first garnered fame through (what else?) social media. At first glance, Cornellà’s work may just appear like a standard, colorful cartoon strip…but on second glance, his twisted and often borderline offensive humor becomes prevalent. As the gallery’s website puts it, “From the unnatural human connection to social media and the masturbatory selfie-culture, to the political topics of abortion, addiction, and gender issues – no subject is off limits…While some are affronted by his work, many connect over it, laughing and feeling bad for laughing all at the same time.” So for anyone looking to see some truly out-of-the-box, thought-provoking work; Cornellà’s show would be the one for you. Check out some images from the exhibition below..





Mr. Cornellà’s show ends July 30th so be sure to check it out before then!