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Spindle Selects: Tracks of the Week

Thursday 27 July 2017

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Find out what tracks have been the soundtrack to our week.

Abi Hudson – ‘Like I’m Losing You’

18-year-old pop newcomer Abi Hudson has shared her debut EP ‘Standing Ground’, and with it came new collection highlight ‘Like I’m Losing You’. It sees the 18-year-old pop starlet at her best, commandeering an undeniable, landslide chorus. Produced by experienced pop masters Terry Ronald (Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud) and Steve Anderson (Britney Spears, Take That, Kylie Minogue), it’s no wonder it comes as a slice of pop brilliance. Abi plays the legendary London venue Ronnie Scotts on August 8th.

Conducta – ‘Come & Go’ (feat. Alyss) 

Conducta, the london based producer and prince of UK garage, is back with bumping new track ‘Come & Go’ featuring the soulful vocals of Alyss. Released via 2TE Records, the track was written the day after Trump came into power and while the UK was dealing with the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote. “We went through ideas and the overriding theme of song was to create something uplifting; we agreed the best way to combat adversity is to tackle it head on and doing your little part by emitting good energy back towards people and the earth, whether that be by small acts or big ones,” says Conducta.

Charli XCX – ‘Boys’

Charli XCX has come through with your dose of testosterone for the week via new self-directed video ‘Boys’ – a celebration of hawt males doing cute things. The list of those starring includes Stormzy, Joy Bada$$, Diplo, Jack Antonoff, Joe Jonas, Kaytranada, Khalid, Mac DeMarco, Mark Ronson, Vampire Weekend, Brendon Urie and many, many more. “The song ‘Boys’ is basically about dreaming about all the cuties out there in the world. It’s a fantasy track, basically. And the video, I mean, I guess it’s about making boys the ‘sexy’ part of a pop video for once, instead of the girls. It was really fun to direct,” says Charli.

L.V.S.T – ‘Taste Like Summer’

L.V.S.T (pronounced ‘Lust’) are Elias Carter & Dillon Cain who met quit their jobs in England and spent the summer making music in Ibiza. ‘Taste Like Summer’ is a celebration of how they met is a testament to the pair’s friendship that brought them to write and marks as a beginning for the budding music group, with a sound they call ‘Balearic Pop’.L.V.S.T have surged together a stylistic mix of 80’s funk and contemporary pop. With a focus of sensuous live instrumentation layered over a infectious pop landscape, ‘Taste Like Summer’ is set to be a pinnacle of summer playlists.

Violent Shakes – ‘Take Me Like A Drug’

Meet Violent Shakes – a modernistic and new conceptual electro-pop who have been hailed as Lisbon’s answer to Justice! No pressure. There then boys! Debut single ‘Take Me Like a Drug’ is an alluring electronica offering that sings the exciting enticement of temptation. The track is gradually upbeat, starting off with Mickey Shiloh’s enchanting vocal and a steady, slow-moving beat that draws you into the spell of the melody. It’s the perfect introduction for Violent Shakes to premiere their unique sound, exuding their signature pop/electronic vibe with Latin influences. We can’t wait to hear more.

Cheree – ‘Just Like Me’

Following closely behind the success of ‘For Me’ and ‘I Will Be There’ North-West London’s shining newcomer Cherée unveils her latest offering ‘Just Like Me’. The atmospheric track is a masterful blend of honey soaked, R&B vocals with a darker, more experimental wavy hip-hop instrumental. Drawing inspiration from a variety of influences from strong women, to emotion and love, Cherée’s music is similarly multi-dimensional, thematic and always projects a strong message.

X-Ambassadors – ‘Ahead of Myself‘

Ahead of Myself’ is the newest single from X Ambassadors, an American trio that consist of two brothers and their college friend. With the success of their debut album VHS, that was released in 2015, this track is the first look at their highly anticipated second album. With a track dominated by a consistent drumbeat and consistent vocals by lead singer Sam Harris, this song does not disappoint as a follow up to their previous hits ‘Unsteady’ and ‘Renegades.’

Jacob Plant – ‘About You’ ft. Maxine

‘About You’ has all the makings to be a hit this summer. The infectious beat creates incredible energy that is only enhanced by the vocals of Maxine. Not only do the vocals of the native New Yorker shine, but Maxine Ashley also wrote the lyrics to the track. With her most recent EP, ‘Paranoid,’ released earlier this year Maxine is definitely are artist to look out for in the future.

Bruno Major – ‘Cold Blood’

Bruno Major has been releasing a track every month and ‘Cold Blood’ marks the penultimate song, with the final installment in his ‘A Song For Every Moon’ coming in late August. Bruno Major’s vocals, which are at the center of this track, and his candor lyrics are flawlessly complimented by the acoustic introduction and subtle r&b influences throughout. Bruno Major, hailing from North London, is another British talent to watch out for on both sides of the Atlantic.

Draper – ‘Worst Of Us’

Following the release of his acclaimed EP ‘Luminous’, the Kent-born producer is set to release his fresh new single ‘Worst Of Us’.  Speaking about the track, Draper explains, “It’s about being part of a team, and no matter how crazy, how stupid, or how drunk you get it doesn’t matter. The worst of us is essentially about falling in love with a person’s flaws, and being 100% ok with every single one of them”. Its safe to say that Draper has firmly landed on his feet with this release managing to bridge the gap between dance and indie-pop like no other.

FACE – ‘Imagination’

Formed in Glasgow but now based in London (via a stint in Manchester), ‘Imagination’ is the debut single from FACE, and is as perfect as big, bold, British pop should be. With Grammy-award winning producer Stuart Price at the helm, ‘Imagination’ pits itself somewhere between the bombastic pomp of ‘Sam’s Town’-era Killers and the meticulous pop perfection of The 1975. At once thunderous and grandiose and with an irresistible chorus, ‘Imagination’ is one of the best debut singles we’ve heard in a long time.