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Introducing: Sabella

Friday 18 August 2017

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Words Alice Bell

Sabella released her debut EP ‘Home Truths’ in 2015 – it picked up coverage from the likes of Pitchfork, Pigeons and Planes, Line of Best Fit and 1Xtra. She’s now signed to new Polydor imprint Hot Hot Records and her new single ‘Fortress’ was released on the 28th July. From Glastonbury, she’s super cool and opinionated – on everything from music to politics to fashion – and makes incredible pop music!

Apart from your middle name being Isabella, why the name Sabella?

I didn’t really overthink the name itself. I chose it purely because it is my middle name (well, a derivative of) so I feel connected to it in some way. You know, it was my nan’s choice and it’s followed me around my whole life. So it doesn’t feel totally abstract. But why I decided to go under some sort of alias was more considered I guess?

I just know that my music is very personal and I liked the idea of being able to present myself as an artist and my music, under a name slightly removed. It makes me feel less exposed and makes the idea of sharing music a more manageable task.

Here at Spindle HQ we can’t get enough of your new track ‘Fortress’! What were the influences behind the writing of this song?

A visual documentary I found on the vimeo actually acted as the template of inspiration for this song. I used to spend hours watching video after video of Burning Man Festival because I wanted to go so badly !! Somewhere in this internet black hole (you know the ones), I found a video ‘we are only human x burning man’ and was really moved by it. It was so beautifully shot and you could see so many different people, from all walks of life explaining what bought them to the festival and what things they were trying to overcome in the middle of a dessert in Nevada.

The overwhelming message I got was that people are always looking to escape and want a chance to be human and free!  To escape the ‘bullshit’ in whatever form that comes into their lives. Whether that be Donald Trump’s major BS or on a more micro scale, working a 9-5  job that you hate. Fortress was written with that in mind.  For me, it’s about going into yourself, blocking out the hype, the white noise, and focussing on what you actually value and love. Its less about protection and more about freedom. I mean, by strictly doing you? There is real freedom in that.

What was it like to move from more of a laid back atmosphere of Somerset to London at the age of 17? Were there any particular things you found difficult?

I was born in London and moved to Somerset when I was younger so its never felt otherworldly.  There was no real culture shock or anything like that but personally, moving out of your family home to anywhere, for the first time brings up a lot of questions and as a time is challenging. You’re young and figuring out a lot of stuff but, I feel lucky to have been able influenced by this city during these years because its got a good heart and a lot of my favourite people.

Despite your parents having experience in musical theatre, is there any artists or musicians in particular that have inspired your work?

I’ve always been inspired and keep being inspired by so many different artists. Where do you start… Carole King, Everything But The Girl, Micheal Jackson, Sade, The Doobie Brothers, Phil Collins, Fiona Apple, Siouxsie, Joan Armatrading. Where does it end?

Apart from building a ‘Fortress’ is there any other advice you have for aspiring young artists or creatives?

Haha!- apart from building a Fortress! I don’t think I’m really qualified to be giving advice on how to live a good creative life! BUTTT, I’d say in any circumstance, be the truest version of yourself and good things will happen.

Check out Sabella’s new single ‘Fortress’ here:

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