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EP Premiere: Tabi Gazele – Remembering Brenda

Thursday 10 August 2017
Words Bee Adamic

Summer tracks rarely come hook-ridden and upbeat like releases from your new favourite soul-pop artist Tabi Gazele. Based in London, the singer has been dubbed by many for her soulful touch on dance-pop music, as ‘Irresistible Afro Pop’.

Having released ‘Touch Somebody’ near to a few months back, this was the first product of her contagious jumble of sweetened soul-disco, that oozes with poppy bass grooves.

With August 11th on the doorstep, she is now all set to release her debut EP, ‘Remembering Brenda’. This EP builds on her clear soulful roots and her unique vocal styling springs throughout the bubbly collection of tracks.

She tells Spindle more on the backstory of the EP:

Whilst in the studio experimenting I was told by a few people that my voice reminded them of the late Brenda Fassie. She was the South African Queen of Pop who after researching, clearly had an incredible life story – I decided to get in the studio with my brother Timomatic on production and re-imagine some of her songs just as a “try out” – It was a wild thing to try and not something I would normally do…but it just clicked. I felt some strange kind of bond with her music”.

Forward-thinking and incredibly relevant for the summer, Tabi shows her love for Chic with funky style guitar and vocal fluttering on ‘Weekend Special’, while more of a slow burner, ‘Too Late For Mama’ is a heavenly slice of soul infused disco. Each track is brimming with personality and zest- we can’t wait to see what else Tabi has in store.

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