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Introducing: ARIA

Thursday 03 August 2017

A few years after seeing the release of her miraculous debut ‘Shot In The Dark’, ARIA has progressed as an artist, through developing an EP’s worth of grandiose material that revels in her rare soulfulness and another personality of up-beat infectious pop. Now with her new single ‘Hope’, the London based artist and songwriter has re-emerged with a newfound ambition and stories to spread.


She tells Spindle the majority of the structure from ‘Hope’ was captured all in one band rehearsal. This forces an immense strength and importance of how capturing that ‘moment’ can work wonders.


While telling us the backstory behind her newest single, ARIA chats where things all started for her in music and thoughts to take away from her music.


Your new single ‘Hope’ sounds great! It feels like a very personal song both in its lyrical themes, would you agree? Could you tell us more about the track?


Hope is based on the constant fear that some live in of losing love. I feel that sometimes after falling in love, the fear of losing that love is often what can kill the relationship.


The process for writing Hope was very different from how I typically write, mainly because I actually wrote the song with the individual who is protagonist in the song. The melody and lyric ideas had been floating around for a while in my head for a couple months before, but I kept revisiting it at the piano. Then one day in a band rehearsal I asked if we could jam with the ideas and from there the vision materialised and the song basically wrote itself. It took around half an hour to finish the bulk amount of the song, and the song sounds pretty much the same today as it did in that first rehearsal.



It’s been some time since the release of Shot in the dark. What’s been going on behind the scenes during this time?


When shot in the dark was released i was in final year of uni (I studied songwriting ) I completed my degree and spent the next 18 months developing my songs, honing my sound in the studio and enjoying the development stage an artist.


What were your first steps into music, did you write and perform music from a young age?


I have been performing since the age of 4, ballet and contemporary dance. I was taking part in singing competitions by 7, by the age of 8 I had danced at Her majesty’s theatre in London it was at this time that I was chosen to sing as an understudy.  Around 14 I had picked up guitar and I started writing my own songs.


How would you describe your music to someone who isn’t so familiar?





Your first headline show was at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen not long after the release of your debut. How was this?


Lot’s of fun! I love the buzz of playing live. For me that’s when it becomes real. There was a lot of people audience and it was great to see that so many people had connected with ‘Shot in the dark’ and had come out to support.


On stage, whether it be just me and my guitar or with my band is where I feel most at home and i’m just really looking forward to getting back up there and playing the new material live.


What is the one thing you would like your fans to take away from listening to your music?


I want them to feel as if they’ve have been on the ride with me. When I listen to my favourite songwriters i.e. Haerts, Banks or Stevie Nicks I always come away feeling like I have a connection with them as they completely draw me in, I’m in the moment.



What else is planned heading towards the end of the year?


The plan is to release my debut E.P, play more lives shows and have my music reach a wider audience.


Thank you spindle 🙂 xoxo