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Introducing: George Glew

Thursday 31 August 2017
Words Alice Bell

George Glew has released his new single ‘Me And My Brother’. We caught up with him to discuss everything from the success of his last single ‘Bury Me’ which managed to gain over 150,000 plays on Spotify, his motivations and, his up-coming shows.

Hi George –congrats on your new single ‘Me and My Brother’, it sounds so great! What were the motivations behind it?

Thanks a lot! I wrote the song a while back when I’d moved away from home and my brother and I would only see each other a couple of times a year. We wouldn’t speak much in between but whenever we would see each other it would be like we were back being kids again… it made me reflect on my relationship with my whole family and how even though we’re off doing our own stuff we’re always there for each other.

If you were to create a playlist right now for summer 2017, what would your top 5 songs be?

I’m listening to so much music at the moment and summer makes me feel nostalgic so this is hard… it would probably be:

So your last single was ‘Bury Me’ and got played by Annie Mac & Beats Radio, how did that feel having big names play your song for the first time?

Mind blowing! That song has been around for ages and I feel like it’s come a long way from when it was first written… A lot of effort and work has gone into the years leading up to just have ‘Bury Me’ released so it’s amazing that those people liked it enough to give it a spin. Also Elton John was the first gig I went to see with my mum in Cardiff when I was little so it’s cool that he was one of the first people to play it.

And you’re set to support Tom Walker in September right?

Correct… very excited to be back in London for a gig and it’s awesome that Tom is having me play the show!

How would you describe your music to someone who hadn’t heard it before?

When I started making music for myself I just wanted to write great songs and that’s at the core of everything I do. Lyrically the songs are very honest and to the point and my music is influenced by folk, soul and blues and I think those genres come through in the songs.

Listen to George Glew’s new single here:

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