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Introducing: Rose Gray

Thursday 10 August 2017

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Taking inspirations from soulful pop greats to create infectious modern classics, Rose Gray is not your average new popstar on the rise. We caught up with the incredibly talented East London based singer-songwriter and got to know more about what makes Rose Gray an artist worth keeping your eyes peeled for…

Raised in a family of creative people, how has this shaped the artist you are today?

I grew up listening to a whole lot of music, I didn’t really know what I was listening to at the time but there was always music playing from somewhere. My Pop’s is a music wiz, he can sing too. We would sing together, he’d help me with little riffs and taught me a lot of what I know now really. We listened to a lot of great music, all the greats. I guess I just grew up loving music and was always around that creative energy.

We are loving the new single ‘Give It All To You’ here at the Spindle HQ! What was the thought process behind the track?

‘Give It All To You’ takes me back to my love for the sounds of 1960’s, with a little modern twist. We were listening to a lot of Motown in the studio when this song came about. Lyrically I wrote it about surrendering to the one and ‘giving it all’ when something’s worth fighting for. It’s a fun, uplifting tune which gives a little hope to a desperate situation.

The video concept is great, how did this all come about? 

The music video unfolds as a tale of an old guy being transported back to the 60s by the live music in his rundown local London pub. The concept was born through inspiration from a great Uncle of mine who still went to his local pub to listen to live music most nights- my Uncle Baz. Once the concept was complete, also inspired by old 60s live recordings like Dobie Gray, The Supremes and Wilson Pickett , Director Gray Bryan (also my Popps) and Luca Ciuti (cinematographer) came on board to make this vision come to life. I used all my mates and dressed them in all my 60’s clothes, it was a lot of fun.

Your musical influences include greats like Dusty Springfield, The Carpenters, Shirley Bassey, Amy Winehouse and Massive Attack. What is it about them all that impacted your sound and style?

I have a real eclectic taste in music, but all my musical influences are real soulful. Their music is timeless and very powerful. That is what I hope to reflect in my own music, that real feeling- soul.

What are the last three songs you listen to? 

‘It’s Your Thing’ – The Isley Brothers

‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems’ – Lana Del Ray

‘Appletree’ Erykah Badu

(very random, shuffle mode)

If you could perform at any venue in the world right now, which one and where would it be?

I saw a gig at the Union Chapel in Islington recently and the sound was so so beautiful. Across sea’s though, Radio City – NY I only looked in but it looked like such a lovely venue.

What’s the best album you’ve listened to so far in 2017? 

I’m loving ‘Ctlr’ – SZA and ‘Awaken my Love’ – Childish Gambino right now. Big tunes.

What inspires you most when writing new music? 

My inspiration usually comes from how I’m feeling and my experience’s in this life. Everyday stuff, observations, friends and family. It usually start’s as something real simple, a poem or voice note and then builds into something when I bring it into the studio.

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future? 

I’d love to work with Rick Rubin and of course Kendrick, Nas or a Andre 3000 feature, would be mad!

In three words, what best describes Rose Gray? 

I hope I am these thing’s… soulful, classic and real.


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