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Creative Spotlight: ‘Jack’s Morning’ – A film by Jack Bridgland

Friday 04 August 2017

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If only all mornings began with concrete, thick shadows and the sound of skate wheels in the dust.

Jack Corpes by Jack Bridgland

Jack Corpes by Jack Bridgland

Film-maker Jack Bridgland spent a monochrome AM exploring the art of skating with old school friend, Jack Corpes. You can see what resulted below:

Jack Bridgland is a full-time photographer and director based in London. In this exclusive film for Spindle, Jack takes to a sunlit skate park with old classmate Jack Corpes to spend a morning in monochrome making shapes out of shadows.

‘Jack Corpes was someone I went to school with,’ Bridgland tells us. ‘We didn’t really get on well at school, but I had always known he was an insane skater. I got more into video over the past year or so, I decided to get in touch with him as I knew he’d be an interesting subject to make a video about and I think he has a really cool look about him.’

Set to 1972 Stealers Wheel hit ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’, the video begins with a piercing close-up of Corpes’s freckled face in a razor-sharp style recognisable to those who are familiar with Bridgland’s editorial work. The video then treats us to a series of atmospheric slow-mo shots of Corpes soaring through bright sunlight on a skateboard in a mesmerising sequence evocative of langorous summer mornings.

‘I aimed to make a video that was timeless and stylistic,’ Bridgland says. ‘I was very specific on his hair style and general styling. I didn’t wan’t him to look too ‘modern’ or heavily branded.’

To fit the “old-school” aesthetic, I wanted to choose an old-school song. “Stuck in the middle with you” instantly sprung to mind. I layered it onto a few of the clips and instantly loved how it flowed.’

Connect with Jack Bridgland:

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