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Premiere: Butterjack – ‘Other Worlds’ (Crvvcks Remix)

Friday 11 August 2017

Little is know about the mysterious Butterjack other than he’s a producer and songwriter, who has just unleashed his debut offering ‘Other Worlds’ into the blogosphere. He’s twenty-five, hails from North West England and has been making music for years, most recently under the new moniker.

‘Other Worlds’ is a heartfelt track, which displays the innovation of Butterjack to blend two distinct sounds together effortlessly. It’s a song about going to any lengths to show one’s love and being willing to travel the world to prove it. We wanted to dig a little deeper and try and find out more about the man behind the music. As well as that, we’re also exclusively premiering a brand new remix of the single, re-worked by electro wizard CRVVCKS.

You seem like a pretty mysterious figure – was it a conscious decision to launch the project enigmatically?

I’m like the northern Zoro! A little bit, I think there’s so much good music out there, new and old from artists with all sorts of names and identities so to me, it doesn’t really matter – ‘a rose without its name would still smell as sweet’

Will we ever get to see the artist behind Butterjack?

Of course, I’ll be performing in the future, so you can come see me then!

We’re loving your debut single ‘Other Worlds’ – can you tell us how the track became what it is today?

The track came about in the most chilled manner, just 10 Days in the south of Spain with two friends writing music in a studio on the beach, smoking drinking, and eating shit tonnes of bread! Originally it was just a little holiday disguised as a writing trip to make some music and see if we came back with anything – we ended up coming back with quite a lot and this was one of the gems. And it works as a perfect introduction to me.

There seems to be a real narrative behind the lyrics – it’s this something that will continue with future releases?

I think a lot of my songs are written about staying on course, in whatever it is. It’s only now when we’re listening back to the next tracks that I can hear it that meaning come out – it’s usually wrapped up in everyday situations – girls, drinking, thinking and singing. Basically the life of a trying musician!

What were the last three records that you listened too?

Tyler the Creator – ‘Who Dat Boy’

Young Thug – ‘Relationships’

Major Lazer – ‘Lean On’

Do you have any guilty pleasure tracks, if so what are they?

Ronan Keating’s ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ is an absolute BANGER and i’m not ashamed!

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your day, what would it be and why?

I’ll go for Eva Cassidy – ‘Wade In The Water’… if it starts to piss me off I expect it can equally calm me down.

Do you plan to collaborate with other vocalists on future Butterjack singles?

If it sounds good – it’s a winner, but no plans as yet. But plans change. It’s good to be open to things and I love working with people – I’m just enjoying making music at the moment. I love story tellers, Kendrick Lamar or Andre 3000.

Which is your preferred social media platform, and why?

Instagram – I’m just a nosey twat!

Do you feel as an artist that social media is a help or a hindrance? How do you think you would have fared as an artist without the social platforms?

I mean – it’s great. I love Anderson Paak and the free nationals. I think it’s dope that I can see what’s going on while he’s touring, or what mad shit they’re doing. As a fan it’s a bonus to me, but regardless I’d be digging his music and listening. I don’t think it’s the be all and end all. But, Butterjack is new to all social media, like 20 followers – so go follow me @butterjackmusic please!

What has been your best and worst live gigs, to date?

Saw Bon Jovi once in London in like 2011… I can’t remember but something happened and the next thing I know is me and my mates were on stage. Singing with Bon Jovi… casual. This isn’t the worst gig by any means but I was at the ‘Watch The Throne’ gig at Wembley with Kanye and Jay Z… they did the encore of ‘Paris’ 7 times. I so badly needed to wee but every time I was going to go, I thought something else was going to happen and I couldn’t leave. Worst. But In a good way!

We’re halfway more than through the year – what else does 2017 hold for Butterjack?

More music.