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Sponsored Post: Discover an amazing island lifestyle with ‘Life, by Okinawa’

Saturday 14 January 2017

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The Okinawa Islands are the most southern point of Japan, spanning between the mainland and Taiwan, and they are seriously beautiful, both visually and spiritually. With a subtropical climate, the islands are covered with jungle featuring all kinds of plants and produce, hundreds of animals, and white sandy beaches that meet the clear blue ocean. What’s more, the Okinawa people are known for their longevity, with the islands even being home to the most centenarians in the world. This is certainly a reflection of their culture, which celebrates physical and mental wellbeing, encouraging mindful exercise, meditation, positivity, and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals from the vegetables they grow locally on the islands.

‘Life, by Okinawa’ is all about showcasing this inspiring lifestyle, following four people as they’re invited to experience Okinawa for themselves. Each of the three videos follows the guests as they learn about a new culture, meet amazing people, and gain rich and unforgettable experiences. Jen and Sarah, who work in Los Angeles, discover a new kind of beauty outside of the world of fashion and social media that they’re used to, and experience traditional arts such as tea making, leave weaving, and relaxing massages.

Daniel’s video follows the fitness obsessed fashion blogger try out a new kind of exercise in Okinawa: karate. The final video sees Tracy, an entrepreneur from Singapore, take a break from being glued to her smart phone and find a new kind of connection. On the island she finally finds peace and relaxes, trying local food, singing and dancing with a large family, learning clay throwing, and going seafloor walking amongst the coral of the stunning clear waters. Each guest is surprised by the elderly locals’ youthfulness and energy, making wonderful connections with them and leaving completely inspired, their outlook on life transformed by these fun-loving, mindful, and positive people, as well as the beautiful region they live in.