Introducing: Peking Duk

Thursday 28 September 2017

Peking Duk are a pair on the move. Made up of Canberra-bred DJs Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, the duo have been producing their own blend of indie and electronica since 2010. Since hitting the big time in 2015 with their single ‘Say My Name’ featuring Benjamin Joseph, they’ve released three triple platinum singles, and now they’ve teamed up with fellow electronic duo AlunaGeorge to produce infectiously funky new single ‘Fake Magic’.

We made sure to catch the guys before they hit the road for their tour this October to discuss their journey so far, their new single, and what they’d say to artists just starting out.

Hi guys! We’re loving your single ‘Fake Magic’ here at Spindle. What were your musical inspirations when you sat down to work on the song?

Reuben: We had been listening to loads of Parliament and Funkadelic at the time we flipped it. But it originally started off a more bangin vibe, kinda on the French electro tip. Adam had this beat on his laptop kickin about and one day we decided to make some melodies for it. Almost a year later though, we felt it needed a revamp. So we pulled it out and jammed some funky bass and guitar lines on top.

Once they were in, we stripped everything away ‘til it had only 3 instruments playing then we felt like it was ready to send to Aluna. Inspiration changes all the time and musically it makes everything so much more fun. Nothing is better than going through different phases (like this one with Parliament) and getting to reflect it in your work.

How did you two first start making music together? 

Adam: We had a friend that showed us a bunch of fidget house and dance music we never knew existed. We immediately wanted to emulate that sound so we were stuck to our laptops all day and night trying to learn how to produce.

You’ve caught a lot of attention for your great remixes (we can’t get enough of your new remix of Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’!) – what are the ingredients for a great remix?

R: A good remix stays true to the original artist’s intentions, yet sounds nothing like it.

You’re touring in October – what’s been your highlight from past gigs? 

A: Coachella was a huge vibe. Also doing our live show debut at Splendour in the Grass was fucking insane. I think from hereon out us playing our guitars and doing everything live will forever be a constant highlight. We can’t wait to constantly make it bigger and better.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your careers so far?

R: The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is never expect things to happen magically on their own. Work hard then push yourself to work harder. Also don’t be afraid of taking risks and doing something different. People that play it safe are wasting their opportunities.

Any advice for artists just starting out?

A: Don’t follow trends, they’ll be here today and gone tomorrow. Make music that you feel deep down inside yourself and it will resonate with everyone else. Work hard and if you want it you can get it.

Thanks for talking to us guys! Watch the video for Peking Duk’s single ‘Fake Magic’ below.

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