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Introducing: :PM

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Set to explode and cause chaos with their own brand of Northern mischief is British pop band :PM, who are ready to take the UK by storm with their charming and charismatic brand of indie-pop.

Likened to The Kooks, 5SOS and Rixton, the quintet hail from Yorkshire and consists of vocalist Dan Reynard, bassist Joe Morley, drummer Alex Boulton, and guitarists Josh Stockdale and Harry Yates. Debut single ‘Grown Ups’ is the beginning of an incredible journey for the adventurous, fearless fivesome, and from all of their charm, wit, talent and sense of humour, what’s not to love! We caught up with the boys as they were in the middle of a UK tour.

Tell us how you boys came together? What’s the story so far?

Dan: The band started at school! Josh and Harry started guitar lessons together and decided to form a band. They heard me sing in an assembly one morning and asked him to join, Alex is Josh’s next door neighbour and we knew Joe through mutual friends and here we are! We were playing all through school but when the time came for us and all of our friends to go to uni, we all decided to not go down that route and try make it as a band.

Are there ever any in-band scuffles if you spend too much time together?

Josh: Yes. We travel on separate private jets and refuse to go on the same tour bus. It’s just what happens…….. only joking, we’re the best of friends.

So the Spice Girls all had nicknames, what would each of you be if you had to have an alter-ego?

Dan: Harry would definitely be called Demon (don’t ask) and Joe, possibly Woody? (Cowboy boots and big hats) but as for the rest of us who knows, we’d like to hear some suggestions!

You’ve not long released your first single and it seems to be really connecting with people – how does it feel to release something so personal to have it reach such a wide audience?

Harry: It’s difficult to put into words really. To have been working so hard at something for so long and then have people really respond to what we’ve been doing is so amazing, we’re so glad people like the single.

‘Grown Ups’ seems very pop, but what do other :PM tracks sound like?

Alex: We aren’t afraid of the word “pop”. We love pop music, but we love playing in a band, guitar music & other genres too. We can’t wait for everyone to hear what else we have up our sleeve.

Who’s genius idea was the video for the single? It looks like it was absolutely freezing on-set?

Josh: It didn’t seem like a genius idea to be stood in swimming trunks in a field in the middle of February, but it was good fun. We all sat round Dan’s kitchen table firing ideas round of what stupid stuff we could do to get across the point of the song, then our drummer Alex shot and directed it, so blame him!

How do you feel your roots in Yorkshire have shaped you to become the band that you are today?

Joe: Well the fact we grew up together means we know each other so well, so creatively we are completely open with each other which massively helps. Musically we grew up around bands like Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 so that has influenced us as a band, but also growing up in Yorkshire people are very real and down to earth and we wanted that real conversation in our lyrics and the essence of the band.

What really gets your creative juices flowing? Where do you find the inspiration to write your music?

Alex: Literally anything. Love, heartbreak, life, sandwiches, the weather!

What was the last album you listened too?

Harry: The Chainsmokers – ‘Memories… Do Not Open’

Any guilty pleasure tracks on the :PM tour bus?

Alex: Turn up “One Less Lonely Girl” by Justin Bieber to 11.

If you could claim any other song by another artist, what is the song that you’d have loved to write?

Joe: There’s so many!! Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees is a great song, and no one can deny Teenage Dirtbag is a massive tune.

You’re currently on a UK tour – when can we catch a headline show?

Joe: Right now we are concentrating on releasing all of our songs, but we hope as our fanbase grows, to be headlining our own shows. We have been planning something really special for when we come to play our own headline shows, we can’t wait.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Alex: Right now Instagram is our favourite. It’s where you’re most likely to find us and we go live every Sunday at 8pm.

What else does the rest of 2017 hold for you?

Dan: We have been getting ready to drop another single very soon! Along with filming another music video which is the most ridiculous thing we have ever done haha. We are so excited for you all to see it, as well as playing gigs up and down the