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Introducing: Malika

Tuesday 05 September 2017

London-based RnB artist Malika is back this month with a soulful, 90s-inspired EP titled Songs About C. We caught up with her to discuss the stories behind the songs, including her new singles “I Live” and “Run”, her music recommendations, and what it was like to collaborate and perform with British electronic music duo Snakehips earlier this year.

Hi Malika! Here at Spindle HQ we are loving you and your new EP Songs about C – what were your inspirations behind this EP and who/what is “C”?!

The inspiration was my relationship with an ex, exploring the good times and the bad. At first, it just started out as a bunch of songs I had written during that time. I wrote “Put It On Me” when I was actually getting to know him and then I wrote “Don’t Give Up On Me” when we were really in that space in the relationship. I never set out to actually write a project in the beginning, but the more I listened through the more it felt like a journey and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Your songs “I Live” and “Run” especially seem to be talking about past experiences – what were your motivations behind them?

Yeah, these are about the ex – maybe I should have called the EP Songs About The Ex! Yes, I definitely write from experience – it’s the only way I know how to write songs. Both these songs are representations of where I was emotionally at that time, sort of like a hallmark of those moments. For “I Live” it was love and happiness, and for “Run” it was confusion, sadness and heartbreak, and that’s not a bad thing. Both experiences taught me something about myself, helped me to grow and I hope in writing these songs they help someone else who has been through similar situations.

What are your top five songs, new and old?

Well, I actually have a Spotify playlist called “Malika’s 90s RnB Jams” but top five songs is a tough one!

You worked with Snakehips on “Put It On Me” – what was that like?

It was good – we had already worked together on their track “Falling”, so this was them returning the favour I guess! I always enjoy working with the boys, we’ve collaborated since then as well on their single “Right Now”; we just have a good rhythm.

What was/is it like to perform on their tour and when can we next see you perform live?

It’s always fun to perform with the boys. We’ve done a few shows now so I definitely feel more comfortable; initially I’d be nervous and unsure if the crowd would know “Falling” but Snakehips have amazing fans, they sing along every time. The vibe is so amazing. I’m putting together something special at the moment but until then you guys can always check out my COLORS Berlin Session!

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